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This one was a toss up between two and three stars... Please be warned that DH is a severe critic when it comes to pasta... other peoples preferences might well give this 5 stars. Hubby liked the pasta and the mussels, but said that, adding the tomato puree and the tomatoes were a big no no , at least for him. He did as the recipe directed and he told it as he saw and tasted it :) I don't eat mussels due to seafood allergies so couldn't tell you if that's a reasonable comment to make or if it's his heavy handed reviewing... PLEASE I would love someone else to make this and let me know :) I know DH adores mussels and pasta, he's just been pretty tough on this recipe. Hubby ate this no problem, just said it wouldn't be a favourite as it stands with the tomato in it. He enjoyed giving this a go. Thanks!

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kiwidutch March 14, 2007
Spaghetti Con Cozze E Pomodoro (Mussels and Tomatoes)