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I LOVED the sound of this recipe as soon as I found it - love spinach; love pasta - and I was certainly not disappointed. Great blend of flavours! I served it at a family dinner and everyone – from an often difficult-to-please thirteen year old to a frequently even more difficult-to-please 84 year old – loved it. Well, judging by the way they came back for more! The pasta was fabulously creamy and flavoursome. And the quantities stated in the recipe made ample quantities to provide generous servings for eight, which included three ever-ravenous teenagers who cleaned up the lot, coming back for second then third helpings, until there wasn’t any left. Several other non-Zaar dishes (which I was NOT responsible for) were completely ignored while everyone got their fill – and more – of this one. Thanks NurseDi for such a fabulous recipe. I used a pork/veal mince -personal preference - and 4 cloves of garlic -again my preference. I also added to the meat mixture 2 chopped onions and about 500g field mushrooms - they looked SO beautiful the day I was shopping for the ingredients that I just couldn't resist them. I used medium-sized shells because that's what was in the cupboard. I’ve always liked the look of shells in a pasta dish: that's WHY they were in the cupboard! The cheese sauce was absolutely scrumptious: deserved way more than five stars. I’ll be making this again both when feeding hungry hoards and when wanting to stash some away in the freezer. The only change I’ll make next time is to use TWO packets of spinach in the cheese sauce, to make it even more spinachy! If you haven’t made this recipe, and you like the sound of the ingredients, I urge you to make it – soon!

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bluemoon downunder May 08, 2005

My daughters, sils and grandkids were all here for the weekend. I needed a big casserole and this was a life-saver. I made it the night before and let it set in the refrigerator overnight. Put it in the oven and dinner was ready with no problem. Had a good rich comforting flavor. Served with salad and bread. Bravo!!

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Laylagirl March 08, 2004

Very good, hearty dish. Makes a large casserole, at least 12 servings for us. Next time I'll freeze half. Made as directed and wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama March 10, 2013

This is 5 star!! My husband loved it and wants it again. I may make it for my Bunco Party group. I used fresh spinach from my garden and it was great.

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cindi59 June 03, 2009

This was really good and came out well considering I made it mostly from memory when my internet died at home. The ground beef mixture had the perfect flavor. I used spaghetti noodles and colby cheese. It made a ton and I can't wait to see how the leftovers taste!

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Skylar May 01, 2009

This was great! I used fresh spinach, whole wheat spaghetti noodles, added mushrooms and topped it with cheese. The kids didn't even know they were eating spinach! Delish!!

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Twinkii August 23, 2008

This was yummy. I substituted colby jack cheese because I simply didn't have any plain monterey jack. I also used 3 cloves of garlic (we love garlic), but it still seemed like it was missing something. Next time I may try just a little more italian seasoning or some mushrooms. Thanks for posting.

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Go Gators November 14, 2006

I took this to a church function and we liked it for the most part. It did seem to be "missing" something - I think next time I'll try adding in some ricotta or cottage cheese with the noodle mixture. I will say that this was the yummiest way to eat spinach that I've tried in a long time! LOL!! Thanks again for a great recipe, NurseDi!

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Radish4ever November 06, 2006

everyone loved this...great way to get them to eat spinach! I made the full recipe and placed in two 7x11 dishes and had one tonight and froze the other for another time. Our family of 4 LOVED it! Very yummy :)

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NC Gal May 16, 2005
Spaghetti-and-Spinach Casserole