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A garlic lovers dream! I cut the sauce and spaghetti to 4 servings but kept the meatball recipe the same so I could freeze them for future use. of course I taste tested a few for lunch and yummy! I made the meatballs about 3/4 in diameter and some 1 in diameter for meatball subs.
For the sauce I followed direction but added in additional herbs (an ice cube of basil pesto.)
Very good recipe and one I will use again when my sauce is depleted in the freezer. I keep frozen tomatoes in my freezer for recipes as well as canned tomatoes when those are out.
Thank you. Made in Honour of Ed 2010.

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Chef1MOM-Connie January 30, 2011

Loved it.. This one could be scary if you are not a garlic lover, by my calculation DH and I are safe from vampires for the next year LOL ! I cut the recipe down to 4 servings but still kept 3 large cloves of garlic in the meatballs, and 4 in the sauce. The smell of it cooking is great! I did have a little problem because the recipe says "0 tomato" in the sauce, so I guessed and added about 250 g of tinned tomatoes and another 200g tetra pack of minced tomatoes. First it seemed I had too much sauce so I didn't add all of it to the oven dish, but later after cooking it had thickened up a lot so luckily I have the reserved sauce in the fridge and can add that when DH finishes this for lunches in the next days. I liked the texture of the meatballs and they held together well and apart from my tomato guess, the only change I made was to increase the herbs becuase we enjoy strong flavours. Please see my rating system: 4 stars from the DH Pasta Fanatic and that's very good going! he didn't rave but there were also no negative comments. This recipe passed muster and I will be making it again. Thanks!

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kiwidutch January 09, 2008
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