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Very good! I weighed the pasta (spaghetti rigati) and parsley...the parsley ended up being one bunch without stems. I made this as directed with double the garlic and 6 tbsp total olive oil. I tossed everything together. This tasted really good but was a bit dry...my Hubby added extra oil and parmesan to his serving. I served it with chicken strips tossed in Greek seasoning on top.

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Engrossed November 12, 2010

This dish is just amazingly good, and one would never suspect it by just reading the ingredients. I can usually tell if a recipe will appeal to my family, but this one surpassed my expectations. I used high fiber spaghettini and twice the amount of rough torn breadcrumbs from a quality nine-grain loaf. My vegetarian daughter sprinkled some parmesan cheese on hers, and my carnivore husband topped his with spaghetti sauce...each declared their meal delicious. Interestingly, my husband asked if there were bacon bits in the sauce because he liked the crunchy bits....the toasted breadcrumbs....and it made me think that next time I might try frying the breadcrumbs in bacon fat if I have any.

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Sweet Baboo April 27, 2010

so good! had it as a side dish with broiled salmon and some greenbeans, so easy! thank you!

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cathyinhawaii April 25, 2010

I can't believe I forgot to add this one! This recipe made it into our Book #231450. 10/20/08 - Wow is this a great pasta dish! And because this dish is sooooo good, we did some research and found that it's traditionally a pasta dish served with a spicy tomato sauce, though there are also unusual variations on the theme and this is one of them,.. and a fantastic one at that! You are correct Noo, the recipe does take its name from the hand-drawn or mule-drawn "Carretti" (carts) that were used for bringing the wine and olive oil into Rome from the surrounding hills. This recipe is very unique indeed and gives it a wonderful buttery, crunchy texture to the spaghetti. We made as directed using regular spaghetti and also butter (and lots of it) along with the olive oil. We served it with Good Eats Chicken Kiev (From Alton Brown 2004) and they complimented each other quite well being different types of breadcrumbs (the kiev' using panko). For this recipe, we did use seasoned breadcrumbs as that is all we buy. Thanks Noo, we will be making this VERY often. :)

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2Bleu February 25, 2009

As is so often the case, I was initially drawn to this recipe by the photographs, really liked the sound of it on reading it through -and just LOVED the finished dish. I used fresh breadcrumbs, processed and seasoned with rosemary, sage and thyme, and we enjoyed it with **Mandy**'s Baked Garlic Mushrooms. I didn't weigh the parsley and undoubtedly used proportionally more, and I added probably a cupful of chopped baby spinach leaves. And I just couldn't help a tendency to always want to double the garlic, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. An excellent example of just how delicious a simple recipe made with top quality ingredients can be. Thanks for sharing another super recipe, Noo! I'll certainly be making this again - and I'm thinking that next time maybe I'll add some pinenuts.

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bluemoon downunder November 01, 2008

WOW! Sometimes simple is best. I made this because I had some leftover spaghetti & no sauce. I'm very glad I did. I made fresh breadcrumbs and added some Parmesan cheese shaken over the top of the finished dish. Next time I would use more breadcrumbs it added a nice crunch with the pasta. Thank you for the excellent recipe Noo.

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herbsnflowers October 08, 2009

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. It's amazing how such basic ingredients can be transformed into such a yummy dish. I made this last night as a last minute side to go along with our Pan Fried & Oven Baked Steaks. It work out extremely well. Hubby poured a bit of Au Jus over the spaghetti, although I felt it tasted wonderful all on its own. I used my own home-made bread crumbs that I keep in a canister. I see that some reviewers suggested putting Parmesan cheese on it, but it doesn't need it (at least for a complimentary side). I had an idea... I plan to make this again, but add some cooked, cubed chicken breast meat to it. I think that would be a great quick & easy "all-in-one meal". Maybe then I will consider adding some Parmesan. Thanks for sharing your recipe. (Made for PRMR).

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rosie316 February 25, 2014

Amazingly simple and delicious!!!! I had this as a main and served as a side dish with fish for DH, this is a new favourite for me, thank you Noo! Used fresh herbs for the garden, used a little bit of a mix of thyme, parsley and oregano. Very yum! Made for PRMR tag game

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Karen Elizabeth October 09, 2013

Comforting and delicious a terrific combination. Will be made again and again.

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MarraMamba February 05, 2012

Yumma, yumma, yum! I love this stuff! It goes well with everything. My whole family enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

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Realtor by day, Chef by night August 12, 2011
Spaghetti Alla Carrettiera (Thin Spaghetti With Breadcrumbs)