Soy Sauce Substitute With Very Low Sodium

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Prep 5 mins
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I tagged this for cooking for a parent with congestive heart failure, for whom sodium must be kept to a minimum. The recipe came from Don Gazzaniga's "The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook". I broke into gales of laughter at Whole Foods when I read the label for a commercial "low sodium" soy sauce: 400 mg sodium! Rather than give up on soy sauce completely, I would use this recipe, as I have had good luck with other recipes by Gazzaniga. Suggested brands of molasses and onion powder are low in salt. Mastercook says 29 mg sodium in entire recipe!

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  2. Heat vinegar slightly.
  3. Pour over peeled and sliced garlic cloves to taste.
  4. Let stand overnight, strain and discard garlic.
  6. In a glass jar, combine 3/4 cup garlic vinegar with molasses and onion powder.
  7. Refrigerate and use as needed.
  8. Warm and shake well before using.
  9. Lasts about 1 month refrigerated.


Most Helpful

This isn't bad. I made a 1/4 recipe as a test and I'm pleased with the result. It's not soy sauce but it doesn't have all of that salt either. The best I can do to describe the taste is a sweet and sour .......sorta, lol. To be honest I wasn't in love with the spoon taste but when used on a veggie stir fry on rice it was a very respectable soy sub and a whole lot healthier. It's not at all difficult to make but does require the sitting time. I suspect that it could be started early in the morning and finished just before dinner and be just fine. :D

Annacia August 23, 2008

Not really a copycat recipe since it tastes different than soy sauce, but because it's healthier and low in sodium it's a pretty good substitute. I used it to complete a Beef Stirfry and really enjoyed it!

Chef Charlee February 15, 2011

This does NOT taste anything like soy sauce but it's still pretty darn good. I use it generously to make a sort of hot and sour ramen noodle soup, using the Oriental Ramen Seasoning Copycat recipe from this site (throw the spice packet that comes with the noodles away) , a few drops of sesame oil and a 1/4 cup of frozen peas. Delish!

Goody2shz July 30, 2009

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