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These eggs are great!!! I used light Kikkomen soya and powdered ginger. I didn't have fresh. I also used a wide shallow sauce pan to finish cooking the eggs in the broth and kept rolling them with a spoon. I could not get small eggs.I peeled and sliced them when they were cool and served over a fresh spinach salad with an oriental sweet spicy mustard dressing.

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Montana Heart Song November 17, 2007

Delectable! I used full-salt Kikkoman & regular eggs (to soft boil eggs drop them into boiling water for 5 min & remove). I went for the crackle effect and they turned out very beautiful and tasty too, but I'm going to keep the remainders in the brine for another few days before I finish eating them, to soak up more of that yummy flavor. The eggs I used really were too big.
Thanks for this one - can't wait to make these for my daughter.
Edit: Soaked them in brine longer & I can't quit eating these, addictive!

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Weewah January 03, 2012

These are good but I expected more flavor from the soy sauce. I only cracked the shells all over rather then peel them completely (I was worried they might still be to soft) I'll have to try it the other way to see if that makes a difference.

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Nikoma November 30, 2008

I make these at least a few times a week to go in my Bento box they are delicious. I normally use standard eggs and have just one but if you ever get your hands on quails eggs they work fantastically in this recipe - Thanks for posting!

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PinkCherryBlossom February 17, 2007
Soy Sauce Eggs -- Bento Eggs