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Wow. This was great. It took me forever to find soybeans in the store, but once I finally did this was the first place I came! This took 30 minutes (outside of soaking), and only 7-10 minutes of attention, to drain, stir, skim, etc. Easy, easy, easy, and so worth it. The results are fresh, beautiful soymilk, for about a dollar per gallon, verses six dollars per gallon here. My wallet and I are forever grateful to you, Pneuma!!! I just bought a recipe book devoted to okara, and I will post the recipes as I try them. Thanks again!!!

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Three Kids Make Me Crazy January 03, 2010

That was so easy! I used splenda and some vanilla extract to give it some flavor. I love the taste of the fresh soy milk and I actually liked eating the okara as it was... sort of reminded me of cream of wheat or grits. Thanks a lot and I know I'll be making this often :)

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hippeastrum May 15, 2011

Clear instructions and delicious results! This was a perfect amount to work with as a first timer because you can learn the technique without having to use a massive stock pot. My only concern was the amount of okara left...I don't know what to do with it and it seems terrible to just throw it out. Still, the milk was great!

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RedFarmGirl August 06, 2009

Made this especially for my strictly vegetarian DIL, & she was very, very happy with it! She uses soy milk a lot but apparently never thought to make it herself ~ Now she knows what it's like (& loves it) & has the recipe! Many thanks! {Tagged, made & reviewed in the Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #26]

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Sydney Mike March 31, 2009
Soy Milk