Soy "Buttermilk"

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Total Time
12 mins
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This is a helpful substitution for those of us who can't have dairy products! I've used this many times with great success!

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  1. Mix together lemon juice and soy milk; let sit for 10 minutes.
  2. (An easier way to think about this is to put 1 Tbsp lemon juice into a measuring cup, then simply add soy milk until you have a cup)
  3. Add this to recipes as you would buttermilk!
  4. This also works with 1 Tbsp vinegar in place of the lemon juice.
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I usually just substitute straight soymilk for buttermilk in recipes. Today I ran into this recipe from a comment on the recipe I was trying so I was excited to try it out. I'm not sure that it really changed the flavor or texture of the milk though so I'm not sure I will adopt this technique.

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Awesome awesome!! :D