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This is a complex, feisty cookie, which, like a jazz trio, has three predominant independent, but interlocking flavors. Cayenne pepper provides a hot foundation even though it comes in later than its fellows. The savory cinnamon intrigues the palate with its dark, funky, yet mellow allure. High, bright and clear, the sugar presides and sails over it all with precision and aplomb. Like many trios though, even though the sugar gets its name on the marquee, it would not be anywhere near as interesting, nor as palatable separated from its rhythm section. Recommended.

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stingo November 02, 2009

Morning cookies, yay. I loved these, had everything on hand and was in a cookie making mood this morning. These are not over sweet and I really like cayenne nip and I'm thinking that they would be fab sandwiched with a skiff of cream cheese. Made for ZWT 8

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Annacia August 30, 2012

Mmm! I had two limitations though due to not having ingredients on hand-- I don't normally have cinnamon extract around so I just added more ground cinnamon. As a result, they didn't have the distinct russet hue the ones in the photos had: but they sure weren't missing out on the taste! And...I had left the butter out to soften and gotten all my ingredients together and it wasn't until I had the batter almost made up when I realized I had no eggs in the fridge. So to smooth out the dough, I put in a little milk. I love the way the cayenne sneaks up on you, it's got a real bite, so I don't think I'm missing much by not having cinnamon extract. But I'll definitely make these again with a little less cayenne and an egg-- they were like snickerdoodles on steroids! Made and tagged as a VIP Recipenap for Veggie Swap 17.

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the80srule December 06, 2009

Great, different biscuits! At first I thought the spice would be too much- too much cinnamon, too much ceyenne. But it wasn't at all- the pepper mellows as the biscuits cooked. I kneaded the dough, it was quite easy to work with but did need to be rolled with a piece of plastic over it. I cooked one batch for 8 minutes but cooled them on the tray; I cooked the second batch for longer and they went much crispier and I preferred them like that. I didn't use cinnamon extract. Thanks!

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Chickee August 26, 2007

Nice and Easy recipe! We had fun making Texas Stars! I liked the cinnamon and the pepper in these cookies .... gave it a very unique taste but it was not too hot for a three year old. Thanks Elmotoo!!!!

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NcMysteryShopper October 09, 2005
Southwestern Sugar Cookies