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I am enjoying my third square of this right now! I LOVE the sour cream with taco seasoning combo. Next time I will use a larger pan, as the one I used was a bit small, so the crust was a bit thicker than I planned on. This has a fantastic combination of flavors. We used a fresh salsa so ended up having to drain it before putting that layer on. I didn't have corn, so had to leave it out, and we topped this with cilantro. Corn will be used next time, as I can imagine how good it would be... Thanks for sharing a great recipe! To the reviewer who used corn starch, I agree with jshaffer: corn starch is not a good sub for cornmeal at all. I think if you tried it with the coarser corn meal, you would enjoy this quite a bit more.

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Queen Roachie January 09, 2011

I would not recommend to anybody that they substitute cornstarch for cornmeal. The texture would be entirely different and cornstarch is very funny about absorbing water.

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Chef jshaffer February 14, 2007

Good recipe. I 1/2ed it. The recipe does not mention how many eggs, etc. I used one egg. The crust was very soft--somewhat like corn bread. Also, I didnt have any cornmeal so I just tried cornstarch instead. The crust was new to me but the rest is good! Cheese makes it all good. I used pinto beans instead of beef and didn't use any taco seasoning throughout. So, without all that--this pizza was good--I can just imagine how good it will be with everything. Thanks for posting this recipe :)

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vadapao December 16, 2005
Southwestern Pizza