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I'd have to say that this is the best pasta salad I have ever had. It's just great with a big old juice burger and a stack of french fries. I made this for a company barbaque for my father and what a hit! There wasn't a noodle left in the bowl after those guys were done with it. I really gotta hand it to you GuitarGirl (rockin name!) you got something here with this pasta salad, and I think you should enter it in a contest or something because you would surely win. Thanks a bunch for posting, and keep up the good work.!

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RockinChef January 07, 2004

I LOOOVED this salad! I made it exactly like the recipe, aside from fresh tomatoes, I used canned diced with green peppers in them to give it a little more kick. Very very VERY good recipe and I plan on making it many more times!

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aheye83 August 14, 2009

Oh my, this was so tasty. I added sliced garlic olives, a can of diced drained tomatoes (no fresh ones on hand)and skipped the cheese. Didn't feel it needed after tasting. Also mixed in 1/3 cup lemon juice with my oil and spices. I will definately be making this recipe again and again.

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Miss Annie in Indy November 24, 2005
Southwestern Pasta Salad