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Meanie, you now have my undying devotion! This was sooooooooo good! We grilled the chicken outside over charcoal. I actualy had to let the paste 'marinate' on the chicken for a few hours while I prepped everything else for dinner. My BF thought that the paste had burned during cooking but after tasting it, we figured out that it hadn't. The dipping sauce was such a great accompaniment! I have never tried chicken this way, but I will make this all the time, from now on!! Thanks soooooo much for the recipe!

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Malriah May 24, 2003

FIVE stars for sure! I made the spice paste exactly as is (doubled it, though, as I had more chicken), and refrigerated the chicken for a couple hours, uncovered. We grilled it over a charcoal fire and the chicken was extremely moist, and very flavorful. I didn't have all the ingredients for the lime butter (but had my heart set on making this dish), so am only rating the chicken part, but the butter, even with my necessary substitutions, was tasty, and accented the flavor of the chicken very well. My substitutions were ground jalapenos for the serrano (could NOT find any hot peppers in my market...or fresh cilantro) and dried cilantro for fresh (let it hydrate in the butter/lime mix for quite a while). Sorry, Mean, I had to make the substitutions, but the chicken was truly outstanding! (and again, even though the lime butter wasn't to "spec", it was still tasty).

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Lizzie-Babette August 18, 2003

WOW this is fantastic! Such great flavors both from the butter and the meat rub/paste. It was so simple to put together too, which always makes a recipe better in my opinion. I didn't change a thing, except I had to use dairy free margarine for our diet restrictions. I let the meat marinade for about 30-40 minutes before grilling on our foreman grill. And I ran the butter through the food processor. Definitely a keeper!

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CulinaryExplorer August 26, 2008

I followed the recipe as directed,using legs and thighs,and I must say that I was hesitant to use cocoa and cinnamon in the marinade...it was WONDERFUL!!!I poured the marinade over the chicken right before I put it on the grill,I seared the chicken then moved it to the middle rack and basted it with the rest of the sauce.The chicken has the appearance, when done, of being sorta burnt,but it isn't,it's the dark marinade.After I took the chicken up I poured the lime butter over all of it and my family devoured it like it was their last meal.This is one of those recipes that suprises ya,the blend of flavors is mouthwatering.Out of all the chicken marinades that I have tried this one is by far my favorite and I cannot wait to get some more chicken legs!!

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@ngdarlen July 21, 2004

This recipe is sensational. The only thing that I did differently was to use a red onion (looks very pretty with the corriander) and nearly double the sauce as it was so good. I served this with rice and everyone loved it. Thanks so much for posting this winner.

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Kate in Katoomba November 16, 2003

This was an interesting flavour for chicken. I have never used cocoa for anything other than cookies, cakes or brownies before! We really liked the flavour of the chicken BEFORE the addition of the lime butter. I did actually drizzle it all on top instead of leaving on the side like I should have. I thought the lime butter was not really needed to compliment the chicken and I also found out that the rest of my family dislikes cilantro! I will be making this again but I will serve it alone. Thanks for expanding my tastes! ( I served this with Fettuccine Alfredo Mean Chef's Fettuccine Alfredo )

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* Pamela * July 31, 2003

This was excellent... even my picky husband who I was sure would turn his nose up at cinnamon and cocoa on chicken loved it. I had 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, halved the seasoning paste and let it marinate for an hour. I needed the full amount of lime butter and could have used a bit more. As always, I cut way back on the cilantro because I think the taste is so strong. I served this with Spanish rice, pico de gallo, fresh cucumbers and mojitos.

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SashasMommy September 12, 2010

5 Stars and 2 Thumbs Up ALL the way!! This is probably the best grilled chicken I've had in a LONG time! About three hours before grilling time I set the chicken thighs skin side down on our grilling platter and marinated the meat portion only. Once it came time to grill the chicken it was basted and flipped every 3-4 minutes to keep the mixture from burning until it was done. I already had some Jalapeno/Lime Butter in the fridge from a previous recipe and used it to drizzle over the individual servings as needed. It sent the chicken Over The Top!! I even reserved a tablespoon or so as soon as I made the mixture and drizzled over some carrots that I planned on grilling. I let them marinate for several hours and they came out awesome as well! We absolutely LOVED this!! Made for All Fired Up Grilling Photo Tag.

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SloppyJoe July 06, 2010

Excellent Flavor! I made this, let it cool, sliced it thinly and placed it on top of Southwest Salad With Fresh Lime Cilantro Dressing. Great way to make the salad a meal! This combo got rave reviews from my neighbors and friends!

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Cook4_6 October 18, 2008

YUMMMMMM. Great flavor! Loved the cilantro lime butter!

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ElleFirebrand September 01, 2008
Southwestern Grilled Chicken With Lime Butter