Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

These eggs are good enough to serve for dinner. Super quick to prepare! From Real Simple magazine.

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  1. Pour the salsa into a large nonstick skillet over medium heat; cover and heat until warmed through.
  2. Break 1 egg into a small dish and slide it gently into the salsa; repeat with the remaining eggs.
  3. Season with the salt and pepper; cover and cook to the desired doneness.
  4. Divide the eggs and salsa among individual plates.
  5. Top with the avocado, sour cream, and cilantro and serve with the chips.
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A yummy, easy breakfast for me and my DH this morning! I did scale the recipe back to 2 eggs. Thank you!

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Excellent! it comes together very quickly which is so nice for breakfast (it was made in less than 5 mins). Lovely flavor and quite healthy as well. I made a diabetic version using whole wheat tortilla in place of chips and no sour cream. I totally agree with Cookiedog, this would be good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Just the way I make them - in fact just did for breakfast this morning! The only change I make is to use a spoon to make a hollow in the salsa, drop in a pat of butter then add the egg. We like them with the whites set but the yolks left runny. DH says it look pretty rude on the plate but sure doesn't hesitate to eat his fair share. ;-) Good eats!