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So wonderful! This dish makes your tastebuds utterly happy! I make this for my family at least once a month. This goes great with #33161 Tex-Mex Rice. It is better than going out for Mexican food. Just make extra sauce when you make this recipe and smother the rice in it. For leftovers I put Tex-Mex rice in a ziploc then a piece of chicken and pour a little sauce over all and freeze. Makes great individual meals.

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Piper Lee October 25, 2004

I made this recipe with sauteed chicken cutlets. It was fast and delicious. The sauce is incredible; it goes great with everything: vegetables, pasta...you name it. We had it over pan fried potatoes, cauliflower, pasta. It last in the refrigerator for quite a while; we save it in Tupperware for at least a week. It's really a life saver.

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MsPia September 20, 2009

Well as the 35th reviewer, I have to agree this was absolutely delicious! I doubled the sauce to have extra for rice and used 5 chipotle chilies. Next time I am going to saute some big shrimp and and use this sauce, as it would be great on anything!

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Sooz Cooks February 10, 2008

I am a native New Mexican and (embarrassingly) have never cooked with chipotle chiles. I tried this recipe and found it outstanding...my husband came in from work and said "something smells awesome", and my teenage boys loved it. After I made the first batch of sauce, I immediately made a 2nd batch. This is a perfect blend of spiciness, garlic and creaminess. Next time I will decrease the cumin by half (not a big fan of cumin, but it is beautiful in the sauce), and use boneless skinless chicken breasts; will also try this as a pasta sauce with grilled chicken breasts. This sauce can be used multiple ways. Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe!

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Tonk mama October 04, 2007

I made this with cut up chicken pieces. What a beautiful color it turns out to be. I would love to make this for company. It looks very elegant. Thanks.

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LMillerRN January 31, 2006

Loved loved loved this recipe. used 3 whole skinless breasts and 3 good size chipotles in adobo. I browned the chicken in cast iron, then took it out and made the sauce in the same pan. It all went back in the skillet and into the oven for about 20 min. Put some co-jack on top for another 5 min or so and it was wonderful. Left just the right mild burn in the mouth. I will use this sauce again in enchiladas i'm sure. It was sooooo good and rich over rice. mmmmmmmmmm would pay good money for this in a restaurant.

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karma January 16, 2006

Ok I have had this in my cookbook for sometime now and finally got around to making it...........sheesh all the wasted time! Fabulous. I prepared with boneless chicken breasts so I did not cook the chicken prior to adding the sauce. I followed the rest of the recipe exactly but cut the cooking time to 20 minutes. Wonderful, spicy saucy chicken. I admit, I am no wimp to heat but 3 chipotles was pretty hot. Course I used the biggest ones, so next time I will taste the additions. DH and DD thought it would make for excellent chicken enchiladas. Great recipe Sue, can't wait to make this again!

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Just Cher September 12, 2004

I've known about this recipe for quite some time. I have my own cafe' in town...and EVERYONE LOVES IT SO MUCH! With the combination of my set menu and daily specials, I'm known as "The Best Chef" in town, (hence~even though I am completely self-trained :o) My cafe' and I were even written about in a guide of where to eat in the Hudson Valley here in New York!! I saw me in the book in Barnes and Nobles!! :o) Deirdre Baker

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Deirdre Baker May 09, 2004

The only chipotle peppers I could find were canned in adobe sauce. These worked just great. Also, I'm not a fan of chicken thighs so I just used breasts which of course was delicious. A very spicy, excellent dish that was a snap to make.

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Sarah Worden February 02, 2003

Very easy, very tasty. Used what I had onhand. So replaced the heavy cream and milk with half & half, and used pepper jack for the cheese. Worked just fine for me. I also added 5 minutes to the chicken baking time before adding sauce, and another additional 5 minutes after adding the sauce and cheese.... looked like it needed it. As always, a recipe is a suggestion and you modify a bit here and there as your experience and tastebuds allow..... and this recipe is a GREAT suggestion!

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Comedie September 28, 2013
Southwest Chicken with Chipotle Cream