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This makes a lot for little money. Next time I will soak my beans before adding. I didn't have jalapenos, so I couldn't add them in. I thought the rice was a tad mushy, but I suppose that is how it comes out in a slow-cooker. I half-ed the recipe and there was plenty to freeze. I think this is a great idea to make and have on hand for fillings like enchiladas or chimis. Thanks for a keeper.

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Smilyn April 20, 2009

This recipe is good but needs some adjusting. I suggest cooking the rice separately then adding towards the last hour of the beans cooking. After only 6 hours it was done, really done. The rice turned in to mush so the appeared recipe appeared to be refried beans with some whole beans and vegetables in it. Overall the flavor was good but the recipe as not pleasing to the eye. I am going to try this recipe again. I am going to hold off on adding the rice until the very end.

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lrdavis4 July 31, 2015

The first leg of cooking is 8.5 hours on low which I was doing while I was asleep. I happened to get up at 5am which was 7 hours into the cooking process, and all the water had cooked out, so I added 6 more cups of water so it could continue cooking without drying out and sticking to the crock pot. And it does make a lot! The beans take over the rice, so if you are more of a rice person, I would use less beans.

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Hilary C. September 04, 2014

Very satisfying meal. We had it without the cheese and served it with fresh homemade guacamole and tortilla chips. This does make a lot of food so plan accordingly.

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Andretti October 02, 2008

This is delicious! I used Tony's creole seasoning; don't forget it as it is not in the igredients list. I also added a red chili with the jalapeno peppers, and it has a nice heat. After reading another review, I used less of each of the beans and rice, but still ended up filling my 6 quart slow cooker right to maximum capacity! Quantities as described would be great for a party; use less for a family. Excellent and easy!

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amytime August 29, 2008

The amount of beans and rice should both be cut in half (8oz of each). I ended up with two HUGE crocks worth after having to add water four times. I didn't notice the seasoning, since it wasn't in the ingredient list and left it out. It was bland as a result. But it was very good and will be even better next time with the seasoning. Thanks for sharing!

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Zoe_ August 13, 2008
Southwest Black Bean and Rice (Crock-Pot)