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Super easy and quick! And delicious!! I used turkey from Thanksgiving, which was originally grilled/smoked and then frozen. My boyfriend claims the seasoning of the turkey gave the meal some extra punch, which is probably true. I tweaked the recipe as such:

1. Two words, people: Grands JUNIORS! I used the junior homestyle biscuits and by the time they had browned on top, they were cooked all the way through. I started the oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes, upped it to 400 for another 7 minutes, then turned it off and let the dish sit in the oven for about 5 minutes, plus 5 minutes cool time out of the oven.
2. 3 cups of turkey instead of 4
3. 1 can of Del Monte's big 26 ounce can of mixed vegetables with potatoes, drained
4. 1 can of Creamy Chicken Soup, plus a can's-worth of 2% milk (I don't like gravy!)
5. Seasoning of sea salt, seasoning salt, pepper, thyme, parsley, garlic powder
6. As someone recommended, it's important to heat everything up really well before putting it into the baking dish. After I heated the mixture and poured it into the dish, I mixed in 3/4 of a package of shredded cheddar cheese (a tip I stole from another recipe). Then I put the junior biscuits on top, then sprinkled the rest of the cheese on top of them.

My boyfriend ate about 4 servings for dinner! I stuffed myself with almost 3 and we have this sad little container now with 1 serving left over...I plan to make it again since I still have a lot of turkey. Whole meal took 45 minutes from start to finish including 25 minutes baking/cooling time.

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jholthaus83 January 21, 2011

I've been searching for quite awhile for this kind of recipe. It is great. We don't especially care for turkey except at thanksgiving, but since I had some in the freezer I decided this was a great way to get rid of it. If the turkey pies were this good, I cannot wait to try the recipe with chicken. It's almost a blueprint that you can 'do your own way'. I used a lot of another reviewers tips, put it in 7 inch throwaway foil pans, topped them with thinly rolled sourdough biscuits, and instead of cans of mixed veggies I used canned peas,& carrots, added potatoes, & celery flakes,& also added some chopped onion. Used the same above mentioned viewers suggestions for seasonings. We did sprinkle cheddar cheese on the two pies we ate, and it added to it just fine.Thank you so much for a recipe that I can work with, and enjoy.

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Lou June 18, 2011

The problem of doughy biscuits is that they are too thick to cook through, on top of the pot pie, before they become too browned. My suggestion is to pull the flaky biscuits apart half way down, so you have 2 thinner biscuits from one biscuit. Try this and they should cook through and you will also have more crust to go over a larger casserole dish.

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bcaroldexter November 28, 2009

My DH loved this and so did I. I am rating the recipe mostly on how easy it is to make and how changable it is since I can't really rate it for taste since I did alot of changes LOL First off I hate mixed canned veggies so subbed in canned peas and I had an ear of corn that need used so those were the vegs added. Same goes for canned gravey so i used a gravey mix we like . I did use turkey and mushroom soup LOL I don't buy canned bisquits so used Flaky Biscuits#16093 for the bisquits. Bisquits need a high heat so I upped the temp to 400 F. I also cut my bisquits thinner then normal. I had no problem with gooey bisquits they were a touch "soft" on the bottom but not alot. Plus I make sure the filling was VERY hot before placing the bisquits on. I also added a smidge of Summer savary. I also cut the recipe back to make two individual casseroles. So even though I did changes for this house it is still 5 stars Made for Everyday is a Holiday Tag

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wicked cook 46 August 20, 2009

Good recipe for Turkey Pot Pie I really liked the filling but I have to agree with other reviews the biscuits are too doughy on the bottom. I used chicken since turkey was not an option and I add salt and pepper to the filling. Very good recipe, just need to figure out what to do about the biscuits.

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True Texas November 05, 2008

My only complaint on this, was that the bottom of the biscuits were soggy and... well.... grossly undercooked. all i did was set them on top and i cooked for the time stated, I wouldnt have wanted the tops any browner then they were... next time I would just make them on the side. I also added alot of pepper, some seasoning salt and some onion powder into the soup mix.

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Michelle_My_Belle June 03, 2008

This dish was so quick and easy to prepare. It will be perfect for those busy evenings when we have scouts or soccer. Plus the taste was yummy too. I used chicken in mine. Wonderful comfort food, thanks so much MsSally.

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Aunt Paula January 11, 2008

We loved this. It was easy and very good comfort food. I did use homemade leftover gravy and frozen mixed veges. Followed the directions exactly and was very pleased. I did also add a pinch of dried thyme, parsley and sage. Wonderful dinner thanks, MsSally!

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children from A to Z August 24, 2007

What an easy way to make pot pie! I used some turkey that I had in the freezer and a bag of frozen mixed veggies as I couldn't find Veg-All. I can't make a pie crust for the life of me, so the biscuit topping was wonderful. Very simple and tasty dish. Thanks MsSally.

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lazyme July 26, 2007

Very very easy and yummy pot pie! I scaled it down to fit in to small ramekins for an early dinner. I Used chicken since I seem to always have cooked chicken laying around the fridge. Topped each ramekin with a biscuit and placed them in the oven until they were browned, it was less than 20 minutes I think (but thats obvious since I made them in smaller portions). This is one of thouse dinners that make me look like I slaved away in the kitchen all day, but really all I did was open up some cans and turn on the oven!!

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anme April 13, 2007
Southern Style Turkey Pot Pie