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I was a little heavy handed with the creole/cajun spice in making my ven fried chicken tender sized strips. Because the breasts were in smaller pieces, I ended up usng more than the suggested amount of cornflake crumbs. Haven't had fried chicken in years, but this has allowed me to erase any craving for the deep fried variety. The coating gets quite crispy, crunchy and spicy. (I've had chicken coated in corn flakes before, but liked this one much better.) I think the difference was the buttermilk which helped the cereal form a nice coating that stayed adhered to the chicken. The other important of making this seems to be keeping the cereal large enough to have texture but small enough to genuinely coat the chicken. This will definitely stay in our dinner rotation. Thanks littleturtle.

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justcallmetoni August 08, 2006

Very good...I sprinkled extra Creole seasoning on top of the chicken in the pan, for good measure! My chicken pieces are large, so I cut them into 4 pieces and lessened the cooking time.

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Charmie777 July 17, 2006
Southern-Style Oven Fried Chicken