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1) A gumbo ALWAYS starts with a dark roux. 2) Gumbo NEVER contains tomatoes. 3) NEVER use cooked shrimp in a hot recipe...they turn oout tough and chewy. This dish is a version of Creole Shrimp/Fish.

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AG4JAZZ February 15, 2007

No roux. Can't have a real gumbo without a roux of some sort. Also, photo by jellybear looks great! Photo by chabear01 is not a real gumbo - it looks like rice with a shrimp gravy rather than a soup with rice, which is what gumbo is supposed to be.

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CajunHiker February 15, 2007

Even though I knew I would pay for eating this with all the tomatoes in it, I made this exactly as your recipe states. Except that I didn't have the V8 juice and didn't feel like running to the market, so I used the large bottle of Spicy Bloody Mary Mix I have had sitting on the shelf, with no ill effects. I also added File at the end, only because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the flavor it adds to Gumbo. Needless to say I overindulged with a large helping of seconds, as did everyone else here, and paid greatly for it, but will make this again and again. Thank You for a really super recipe.

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Chabear01 September 16, 2006
Southern Seafood Gumbo