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This was okay, but I probably won't make it again. All that bacon - 32 half-pieces of bacon wrapped around the peaches - making 8 bacon wrapped peaches per skewer - makes this a very greasy kabob. And while the Southern Comfort imparts some flavor, it along with the thyme and bay leaf isn't enough to wow my palate. 15 minutes prep doesn't include making skewers - add at least 15 mins because you have to wrap the peaches in bacon first, then assemble the skewers. Cooking should be done over a medium low flame, because if you try to cook these over high heat you'll have unbearable flame-ups. So, add another 10 minutes to cook time too. Realistically, this should take 15-20 mins to chop the peaches, meat, and onions and assemble the marinade, 15-20 mins to assemble the skewers, and 20 mins to grill - total 50-60 minutes. An interesting flavor combination with the peaches and pork, though. I wouldn't have thought of it myself. Thanks for posting, Charlotte!

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AB_Fan June 06, 2007
Southern Peach and Pork Skewers