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I'm a northern girl, who tries so hard to cook southern delights. This one does NOT disappoint. It was a HIT at this year's Thanksgiving feast. I followed the steps to the letter and it came out moist and delicious. Using regular sugar and flour are fine. Use REAL butter and REAL cream cheese. I did add 1 tsp of almond extract when I added the vanilla. I later read one of the reasons my cake probably came out so good is that I really beat the batter up during the cream stage and when I added the sugar. Easily plan 10 minutes if you are using a hand electric mixer, less if you have one of the big guns. Also, I read, when you beat in the eggs, don't beat too long, only 30 sec per egg - or your pound cake will get too airy. I ended up cooking it 15 min longer than stated. I wanted the inside cooked well. When you take it out, it still may seem jiggly, but as it cools, it firms nicely. Lastly, mix some powdered sugar with some lemon juice and make a nice glaze. Simply mix 2 cups of powdered sugar and 1 to 2 TB of lemon juice, stir till it gets thick and drizzle over the top. It will dry hard, don't worry! Last hint, for us non-bakers..don't waste money on a cooling rack. Parchment paper on a cookie sheet does the trick. BE SURE TO POP THAT CAKE OUT AFTER 15 minutes LIKE THE INSTRUCTIONS SAID! I heard leaving it in the pan too long is a no-no. This was a lot of work, but you will WOW everyone with this recipe! Good luck!

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tollfreespice November 25, 2011

This cake is delicious. I tripled the recipe so I could give a couple cakes away. I used 1/2 powdered sugar and 1/2 regular sugar. I loved the cooking method. The time for baking was absolutely PERFECT.

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JOY1998 March 31, 2011

DH requested this cake 3 times over the holidays & occasionally appeared to be hoarding it from guests! It is just a perfect pound cake. I disagree with one reviewer who says it's time-consuming. Perhaps it is by hand-mixing, but with an electric mixer it's a breeze. I expect to make this so often, I'll know it by heart. Thanks Sue.

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Elisabetta47 January 21, 2013

SUE... This cake is delicious, taste and texture are perfect.. So surprised no other members have reviewed this recipe. Everyone raved over this cake... Sorry I didn't locate this recipe sooner.

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nita 284904 southern girl July 15, 2010

This cake is excellent! I followed the instructions to a T (well almost, I added an additional tbs of vanilla). It had a nice crunchy but creamy topping with a sweet soft center. Next time I'm going to try cake flour to see if it comes out a little lighter but it was still a crowd favorite among my friends and co-workers!

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Nia B. March 21, 2016

I made this cake yesterday. While it was in the oven, it looked as if it was baking perfectly. However, after it was taken out of the oven, the cake fell and had a area close to the top of the cake that had a different texture than the rest of the cake. Can someone let me know what I did wrong? The tooth pick came out clean during the baking process and the baking time was approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. I am rating the cake a 5, as I believe the technique malfunction was related to something I did versus the recipe. Aside from the snafu, the cake tastes great!

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l.r.collier3 January 16, 2016

This cake is Super tastee!!!! Follow instructions you will not be disappointed.

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foxxyb13 November 01, 2015

The instructions for this were perfect and so easy. I made this for a birthday party and needless to say it was gone before we could blink. I have been asked to make another so I'm doing so as I type this. My 16 year old son had a blast helping me as well.

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Sabrina W. September 21, 2015

I echo everyone's sentiment here--this is an excellent pound cake. I follow the recipe exactly but most of the time I fold in two cups of fresh or frozen blueberries before baking. The lemon glaze is a perfect complement. Thanks!

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katysue September 05, 2015
Southern Living's Cream Cheese Pound Cake