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Having been a grits eating/cooking Southerner all my life, I can tell you the recipe as written (using 'quick' grits) does not have enough liquid in it. The proportions for quick-cooking grits are 4:1 (4 cups H2O to 1 cup grits) for 6 servings. This may be the source of some of the problems listed in the comments regarding having to add more liquid for longer cooking times. BTW, one NEVER adds sugar to grits. Sugar is for oatmeal and/or cream of wheat, NOT grits. Grits is a savory dish, not a hot cereal. just sayin' :)

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Mama/Oma December 29, 2010

This is word for word, instructions and ingredients, Paula Deen's recipe! I've been making them for more than 10 years, the best grits I've ever had. easy and fool proof.

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mgelin July 07, 2013

Absolutely wonderful! Just got done eating supper. Never made grits before. I have been a fan but I usually only got them for breakfast and even though one of you said you never ever put milk and sugar on them, that is how I ate them. Like cream of wheat or farina. I know plenty of other people who eats them like that too. However, I was looking for something as a base on my plate for my homemade chili (actually just made a recipe up tonight for it and I will post it here, as it was really good). Well let me tell ya, the grits turned out so very very creamy. I took the suggestion of the other posts and decided to not fool around with the liguid in spurts. It sounded like it would need quite abit more and one person said about 1/2 cup more so after the initial boil down and they thickened some, I added the 1/2 cup of milk. After that I didn't have to add any more. They were just amazing! I put them on my plate and added my chili on top. Perfect! I usually use rice under my chili but rice has been messing with my stomach lately and I don't care for brown rice. This worked. Guys, if you haven't tried these you absolutely have to. Can't wait to make them for my daughter and her crew. They will love them! Thanks Connie!

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Sunnee50 February 10, 2013

I grew up in the south and hungered for those southern grits. This recipe was awesome! I printed it out and will post it on my pantry door because I will be making it on a regular basis. I followed the recipe exactly, except for the amount of liquid and the 20 minutes cooking time. I turned the burner off when it was almost thick enough (maybe 10 minutes of cooking time) and let it sit while I cooked the eggs to go with it. Came out perfect! My husband loved it and even remarked on it since he thinks of grits as just a "filler" and he never mentions them. Thank you for this recipe!

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Kathleen L. October 10, 2014

I feel bad giving this recipe such a low rating, but the stated liquid amounts are all wrong. In my experience, and I have prepared this recipe every Sunday morning for nearly two years, one must double the amount of liquid (both milk and water) stated in the recipe to get a batch of authentic Southern-style grits (I'm a born-and-bred Southerner, though I've been transplanted to the west coast :) ). It also helps to use a heaping teaspoon of salt, to compensate for the increased amount of liquid. <br/><br/>Incidentally, I agree with what other Southern reviewers have said about grits being a savory, not sweet, dish. I believe in live and let live, so I won't tell you how to eat your grits, but if you want the real deal, make them as I have described above. This method of preparation turned my Canadian boyfriend into a grits addict, and it'll make you a true believer, too!

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RetroBett April 07, 2013

Really good recipe. As already pointed out by others, needed to add water as they cooked. Being from the north, I didn't discover grits until I was grown up. I have been using the instant brand but these are so much creamier and better! I like mine with sugar and butter.

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prd2bbsn May 12, 2012

Really good recipe for grits. I've made these a couple of times now and the whole family will eat them. That's pretty uncommon! Last time I made this, I added some bacon crumbles right before serving. My 7 year old daughter said they "were the best grits in the world"! High praise, indeed! I do add a little extra liquid, maybe a half cup, because I like them a little extra creamy and slightly less thick. And sometimes I serve them with soft boiled eggs on the side.

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Zee September 10, 2011

My first time ever making (or even eating!) grits. We all loved them (7 members in our family), even my hubby who has eaten grits before and liked them. Thanks for the recipe and I will be making them again!

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arcticmama June 12, 2011

This was awesome. We went to a restaurant in Kissimmee, Fl while on vacation and then went back again because I loved their grits. These are just as good if not better. They are so creamy with the addition of milk. I too had to add water from time to time as I cooked them. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I will be making grits this way from now on.

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Connie Lea April 27, 2011

OMG these grits are beyond delicious! Being a New Yorker, I had never had grits before. I saw them in the store one day and decided I would try them. I was thrilled to find this simple recipe! I use skim milk, and only top with a bit of butter on individual servings rather than stir it in...but they are truly delicious. I'm sure they're even better with more butter, but I prefer to keep things as healthy as possible. I make these all the time now, perfect recipe!

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PatriotsGirl May 25, 2010
Southern Grits