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Wow. Yum. We had a bunch of peaches from the local orchard that I didn't have time to can or preserve and happened to be grilling with a friend who was visiting when I mentioned I saw this recipe. We quickly cut up a few peaches (quartered them as they would not easily come off the pit as some types do) and tossed them in a little sugar and cinnamon and placed on the grill. We didn't peel them either and just grilled them on both sides. We took them off and threw them on top of some vanilla ice cream and it was heavenly. We ended up cutting up the rest and tossing then on and then freezing them for future use. We also tried them in the "slow cooker peaches" recipe posted on this site for breakfast the following morning and they were amazing in that as well. What a yummy and (somewhat :) healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing. We (my kids and I love Bobby Flay) so this was a fun and easy treat we knew would turn out if recommended by Bobby Flay.

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Claidan June 17, 2008

Amazing what a simple peach can turn into! I made some Splenda Brown sugar and cinnamon butter (margarine actually) and spread it on then added fat-free Redi-whip! Rave reviews!

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princesslisa of a galaxy far far away May 14, 2007
Southern Grilled Peaches