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Wowza! This was the best fried chicken I've ever made or eaten. The family loved it. Not at all spicy, just perfectly seasoned. Just the right amount of ingredients for 8 thighs and 10 drumsticks. Used a deep fryer at 375 degrees, cooked drumsticks 13 minutes and thighs 18 minutes. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama July 10, 2011

I tried this recipe and it was an instant hit! I always get asked to make it for dinner by my family - they just love it! I've even successfully frozen the cooked chicken to use at a later date. I have found that the best hot sauce to use (for me anyway) is Cholula when I can find it! Excellent stuff!

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megsmaw July 08, 2011

Made this tonight and the skin came out soooo crunchy! I did it just as written except I put 1 1/2 tsp of garlic. We love garlic so I didn't figure it would hurt! :) My hubby fried them in the deep fryer outside, and I battered them before he had time to heat up the oil so we double breaded it...lol...it came out so good. I just wish the meat had a little bit more flavor. Other than that it was awesome! Thanks for sharing it! :)

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Momma Vickie February 12, 2011

DH loves fried chicken! I break down once a year and make it for him. This was the selected recipe for this year. He just raved about it. Very easy to prepare and it was tasty. Made as posted with the exception of cutting the recipe in half. And using shortening because I didn't have peanut oil. Cooked in my electric fry pan. Thanks for posting. :)

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teresas May 12, 2011

At last I have the time to reassess this recipe, as promised.I have upped the star rating to 5. This was hit with the family this time around. I followed the recipe as is, but, added a crumpled stock cube to the coating and the egg mix, this helped a lot as it added flavour as well as salt. I used West Indian Hot Pepper sauce in the egg mix, it made a hot mix that calmed down a bit with cooking.All in all a simple recipe to make and a pleasure to serve and eat. I hope that this will encourage others to try the recipe.
Well I have to say that the chicken was tender and moist inside the crisp coating, thats why i have given it 3 stars !!!! The chicken lacked flavour !!!!! I will cook this again and re-evaluate, I hate to give just three stars. I double coated and dipped the chicken, used Harrisa hot sauce, next time I will try a few spices.

Despite my low rating this dish will please many fried chicken lovers.

UPDATE:- I have cooked this again and uprated the recipe.
The addition of a good pinch of chilli powder and more salt improved things no end. My photo shows the chicken served with BELL PEPPER AND POTATO MASALA, salad and ITALIAN MAYO. This was delish, I will be cooking this again and again. Thanks for the recipe.

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Brian Holley August 18, 2010

I love to cook but frying food is my biggest challenge. This recipe came out great!! My family loved it. I put about 3/4" of oil in my pan over medium heat and it came out crispy and yummy!

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MMakar July 16, 2011

we loved this! Double dipped was perfect. Triple dipped too much. Used a deep fryer at 350 for 6-8 min depending on size of chicken tenderloin. Not spicy at all. Just delicious!

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DoveChocolatierinKY December 27, 2011

This was a very easy, flavorful recipe that my whole family enjoyed. I personally only used half the hot sauce because of my kids. I will probably use the full amount next time. It was not spicy at all like I thought it might be. I am saving this recipe, and it will continue being the one I use to make fried chicken.

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sharmamisty September 17, 2011

This is excellent fried chicken. I followed the recipe but adjusted the preparation method. I first tossed the chicken into flour, then marinaded it in the sauce mixture for a few hours, mixed the seasoning and dredging mixture together and then tossed the chicken through it. I was concerned about the sauce mixture washing away the seasoning. Turned out great. Thanks.

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nisea916 January 24, 2011

I have made this a few times now. It is the only fried chicken recipe I use now. I make it as written but use a bit more of the seasoning mix. I also prepare the chicken early and refrigerate it for a couple hours. This keeps the breading on the chicken while you fry it. Also, I have one kid who doesn't like spicy so I mix 1 egg with about a TBSP water, leaving out the hot sauce for 2 pieces for him. He likes it.
I Love this recipe.

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onemoremakessix September 30, 2010
Southern Fried Chicken (Look out KFC!) (Paula Deen)