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Shawn, your memories serve you well. Mine go back to the early 40's and nothing has changed, except the availability of a bigger variety of off-the-shelf condiments. Our fish-fries were done in a huge cast iron kettle over a roaring fire in the back yard.. But the ingredients and process remains basically the same. I do prefer more cornmeal (yellow) than flour, paprika over Cayenne, milk along with the eggs for dredge, and also cut the fillets into 2 - 3 inch chunks. (They cook more thoroughly and provide more of that wonderful crunchy coating.) However you do it, this is one of those wonderful meals that folks remember forever. (There's a chance I could have tasted one of your dad's meals in the 'Nam days.') Keep on cookin'... Paul

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WokBurner March 31, 2009
Southern Fried Catfish