Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 15 mins

I adopted this great recipe...original text was....A fluffy meringue type frosting, similar to 7 minute frosting but doesn't require beating over the stove.

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  1. Place sugar, corn syrup and boiling water in a 3 qt saucepan over moderate heat.
  2. Stir until sugar dissolves.
  3. When mixture comes to a full boil, remove from heat and set aside briefly Beat egg whites with salt to stiff peaks.
  4. Transfer hot syrup to a pitcher for easy pouring.
  5. Beating at high speed, pour hot syrup in a thin threadlike stream into the whites.
  6. Pour slowly and scrape down sides if necessary to keep the entire mass well mixed.
  7. After all of the syrup has been beaten in, add vanilla and almond extract.
  8. Continue beating for 10-15 minutes on high until icing is very stiff.
Most Helpful

This is truly an Awesome frosting, the best white frosting I've ever had or made! It’s not overly sweet, tastes delicious, is a dream to work with, and has a very pretty shine to it. The recipe says for 1 cake, but not what size cake. I had enough to do two double 9-inch layer cakes. So if you’re making one two-layer cake I’d suggest halving it. We talked about whether to pitch the rest of it, or to make another cake and it is so good I did opt to make a second cake. Thank-you Mean Chef for sharing this recipe!

Teresa M December 07, 2003

Like this a lot. But next time will cut in half. Even frosting lovers will find this to be overwhelming in quantity. I read the reviews but didn't heed the warnings as I made a double batch of coconut cupcakes and didn't want to get to the last of them and run short of frosting, One batch of this frosting and 50 jumbo cupcakes later and I could have frosted another 20 I believe...and I was putting big fluffy clouds of frosting on each one! If you don't have a KitchenAid mixer cut in half or you'll be drowning in the stuff and be forced to eat your way out! What a way to go.....

Acceptance August 31, 2010

Love this recipe! I bake a lot for family and friends and co-workers and this recipe is now a favorite of all of them! I was asked for the recipe several times and the comments I kept hearing were that it was light, fluffy and not too sweet. The only change I made was to use powdered meringue instead of real egg whites (personal preference). If using the powdered meringue, use 12 tsp of meringue PLUS 12 TB of water in place of the 6 egg whites. As the others said, this recipe makes a LOT of frosting. I was able to frost (with one batch) 1 two-layer 9" cakes (plus used the frosting as a filling between layers) and 36 cupcakes (that I also filled with the frosting). So if you need a lot, use this recipe as is. If not, cut it down/in half. Thanks again...I will be using this recipe often. Goes great with devil's food chocolate cake. P.S. It was also great to use on the cake I made on which I had to put coconut on top and on the sides - held the coconut very well!

Laurie3333 July 04, 2006