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Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I took this recipe on It's yummy with pork, chicken and even beef. The marinade is enough for 2 pork tenderloin. I didn't include cooking time cause it depends on which cut of meat you use. You can put your meat in the marinade and freeze for later.

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  1. Mix everything in a bowl or a ziplock bag. Put the meat in it for at least 1 hour. But it's really yummy overnight. And I even let some pork tenderloin in it for 48 hours. I like to cut the pork tenderloin in slices lenghwise. That way it absorbs more marinade.
  2. Cook on the bbq but it can also be cook in oven or in a skillet. You can brush with the remaining marinade while it cooks.
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This is a really tasty marinade/sauce! More BBQ than southwest to me, so I marinated a piece of beef loin for about 4 hours, then simmered it in the sauce on low heat for about 2 hours, then shredded it. The meat was tender and the sauce had great flavor. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

loof July 18, 2012

Good, and though I have never tasted BBQ sauce I think the marinade smells similar. I used this on chicken thighs baked in a 350F oven covered part of the time and also broiled for some dark bits part of the time. I used organic corn free ketchup, after searching Google for red wine vinegar substitutes I decided on using tamarind paste mixed with water which is supposedly an Indian substitute for the former and I know we like the taste it imparts. I used 2 tsp garlic salt in place of the garlics and onion powder as I didn't have any powders on hand, freshly ground black pepper, date molasses, therefore I cut down the brown sugar quite a bit, plus the bay leaf. We had this with very delicious, Jasmine Rice With Caramelized Green Onions and wonderful Slow-Browned Carrots With Butter. Made for Please Review My Recipe: from 4 September 2011 ~

UmmBinat September 13, 2011

A very versatile, quick sauce that most likely you have all the ingredients on hand. I made half the recipe and that made more than enough for our one meal. This doesn't scream south-west to me, more bar-b-que sauce, and due to that I added a few drops of liquid smoke. I used on some tofu and the others used on burgers and said it was great. Would definitely make again!

magpie diner July 07, 2011