South Carolina Scrapple

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Total Time
1hr 30mins
1 hr
30 mins

An heirloom, butchering-time recipe. Thrifty farmers of the time used everything but the squeal. Instead of meat and seasonings, one pound of sausage may be crumbled and added to 4 cups of cooked cornmeal. Follow the directions for cooking as outlined. Cooling time not included in preparation time.From the Southern chapter of the United States Regional Cookbook, Culinary Arts Institute of Chicago, 1947.

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  1. For each pound of meat, use a quart of water; simmer until meat drops from bone.
  2. Remove meat from bones carefully, being certain to get all the small pieces.
  3. Bring ramaining broth to boiling point, adding sufficient water to make two cups.
  4. Add corn meal slowly and cook until thick, stirring constantly.
  5. Chop meat and add to corn meal mixture; add seasonings and onion.
  6. Cook 30 minutes in top of double boiler.
  7. Pour hot mixture into a dampenened oblong pan; let stand until cold and firm.
  8. Heat a little bacon grease in a skillet; slice scrapple and brown until golden in hot grease.