South Beach " Mashed Potatoes/Cauliflower"

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Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

Since I am on South Beach diet when I want mashed potatoes I now have my new "Mashed Potatoes". I find them to be the closest thing to real mashed potatoes and I even like them better.

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  1. Remove florets and steam until very soft.
  2. Put in food processor and pulse until fluffy.
  3. Season with "butter", milk, salt and pepper.
  4. Serve and enjoy.
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The secret to making the perfect "faux-tatoes" is to steam them only till they are medium soft (al dente like pasta). The steaming doesn't make the cauliflower soggy and the smell is also greatly minimized. DO NOT add milk or liquid of any kind as this will make them far too runny. I place mine in a food processor, with a little salt and 1 tbsp real butter. You can add a little low fat sour cream or grated fresh romano cheese or both. You will find that these modifications will make this dish a lot more satisfying. :)

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Sorry, but yuck. The cauliflower smell was strong and turned us off. Also, they were kind of watery, despite plenty of time to drain.

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Why haven't I made these till now?! I'm so happy I tried this recipe. I didn't feel as stuffed as I would after eating mashed potatoes. I used regular butter and added some garlic powder. I'll be using this recipe to replace mashers from now on. Thanks for posting!