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I made this because my doctor wants me to add more flax seed to my diet so I wasn't expecting too much, but this is awesome. I will definitely be making this again and again - maybe adding some fruit and/or nuts although it is very good as is. Thanks for a fabulous recipe. Just wanted to add an update. I took this recipe to my doctor and she said this is great. She told me that my cholesterol is 32 points too high and that if I eat this every day, it should lower it enough that I won't have to go on pills. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I hate taking pills. Just wanted to add - I've been using flavored yogurt and omitting the sugar. Yummy.

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Connie Lea July 05, 2010

Tried this last night and was impressed. I split the batter in half and made 2, and reduced the micro time to 1 min 10 seconds. Shared with a couple of bread free friends and they were grateful to have "bread". I want to experiment with this and make is savory so I can have it with soups, etc. Absolutely loved it for what it was. I will make this frequently and would give it more stars if that were possible. I did add 1/4 tsp vanilla and Penzeys "Cake" spice. It was delicious. I even liked it cold...

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ThinOne October 29, 2009

Rarely am I so surprised by a recipe...usually I can imagine what it will taste like by reading the ingredients, and know if my family will like it or not. I expected that this one would be something I would settle for, knowing that it is low carb and phase one suitable....but I thought that it was great! Fast, easy and with great texture, just needing some flavour tweakings for personal preference it truely deserves a 5 star. I noticed that the recipe had been submitted in 2007, and since microwaves are now stronger in power, I cooked my muffin for only 1 minute and 15 seconds which was just perfect. It remained moist, but fully cooked, and with a texture not unlike a sponge cake, which to me is a good thing! I am going to experiment also with savory seasonings so I can serve with soup or main courses.
Thank you so much for submitting this recipe.

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Sweet Baboo February 26, 2011

These came out fantastic!!! I didn't put stars because I used Chia seeds instead of flax.
Did as the recipe was written. Cooked the first batch in the microwave----good.
Baked the second in the oven for 20 minutes and they were good also.
Thanks for posting. When I get flax seeds I'll make another batch...both ways.
I had chia seeds because they have 3 g of protein/1 T, so 3T of chia is 9 g of protien.

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grfox33 January 04, 2011

DELICIOUS! So soft; wonderful texture. I used a mix of cinnamon and nutmeg. Sliced it and drizzled with a bit of honey--heavenly! Next time I'll add some dried fruit. I bet if you use salt they can pass for hamburger buns. What about some gratted cheese (any) in the dough? Garlic and/or onion powder... So many possibilities, so little time! (I wonder how these taste when cold or if they can be frozen... Anyone tried?)

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MrsK September 09, 2010

After reading the reviews, I had to try this muffin. 7 days on the SBD(5lb easily lost) and I needed a "carb" fix! Hot and fresh out of the oven, this muffin was terrific! I used Greek nonfat yogurt and stevia. Can't wait to add blueberries in phase 2.

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cathindianos July 06, 2009

I thnk tat dis recpe iz 4 scrubz. mi f8vorte clor us pineoplelopolis. tnk u.

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20cgottheld January 14, 2016

This is a Phase 1 favorite for me! Substituted cottage cheese for yogurt and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter for cinnamon this morning. Yum!

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Paula L. July 04, 2015

Very hesitant at first....but I was glad I listened to the ratings and followed through! I followed the recipe exactly (FYI- 5 packets of splenda= 1.5 teaspoons ) and it was a perfect change to the egg betters and egg muffins I have been eating each morning!

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loriann_dermody_11993576 January 04, 2014

I love how adaptable this recipe is! My mom makes it with extra cinnamon, but I replace the cinnamon with 1 1/2 tsp cocoa powder (yum!). I grind 1.5 Tbs of flax seeds to get about 3 Tbs of flax meal. I mix a week's worth of the dry ingredients every weekend. I use about 2 Tbs of vanilla yogurt, and I serve it with maple syrup (one of the few sweeteners that doesn't trigger my sweet tooth).<br/><br/>I experimented with microwave times, to find when it's *just* cooked, not overly cooked and dry, not under cooked and runny. It's done when it starts to pull away from the sides of the deep bowl I cook it in. Depending on the microwave, I've used from 1:20 to 2:00.<br/><br/>I love, love, love how tasty this is, how adaptable it is, and all without triggering a carb or sugar binge. Thank you!

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nethope September 26, 2013
South Beach Muffin