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Wow! These were great! I made a few adjustments: 1/2 C organic almond butter (instead of regular peanut butter), 1/4 C organic, natural apple sauce (instead of almonds), cottage cheese (instead of ricotta), and although not S.B. phase 1 friendly, I added 1/2 C fresh blackberries. Yum!! I will definitely make these again!

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tonya.trimble May 29, 2010

Does this taste as good as a muffin made with flour and a ton of butter or oil? Not quite, but it's nearly as good and it is so much better for you and natural. I was shocked that all those ingredients created a fluffy-little muffin-like thing. If watching carbs or just wanting to incorporate more good fats into your diet, this is a great treat. If you follow the recipe properly and use the proper Splenda, then these won't be really sweet, which is okay by me. Might consider adding a few mini chocolate chips next time, and part of me is curious to see how some shredded zucchini or carrot might do. Keeper recipe, thanks.

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Mole July 07, 2011

As SBD muffins go, these are very tasty and don't have the strong Splenda aftertaste of some. Very good. I will make these again. Note: I used "natural" peanut butter that was salt-free and the muffins were definately lacking salt. I will add 1/4tsp. salt next time.

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sistrvicki February 19, 2010

I followed the recipe exactly and the muffins turned out great! For sugar substitute, I used Truvia (great for baking but not truly natural like they claim) and they were just sweet enough to satisfy bread and sweets cravings. I look forward to adjusting the recipe when I hit SBD Phase 2 to incorporate some berries and even apple sauce as a natural sweetener! One of these fluffy muffins, although small goes a long way to help with hunger (flax seed, almonds) when added to breakfast or as a snack.

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mizunihung September 20, 2015

I too made a few adjustments, just because it was what I had on hand. I subbed agave for the splenda (might add some more next time) and ground up some cashews instead of almonds. I too added unsweetened cocoa powder (2T). They also had to bake for 25 minutes - after 15 they were still too wet so I put them back in. Tomorrow is my birthday and these will make for some excellent cupcake subs with a bit of cool whip on top!

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jenne1017 October 16, 2013

When I made the first batch there wasn't any flavor just an ok muffin. After reading a few of the reviews I added cinnamon, nutmeg, increased sugar, added a banana, sub apple sauce for ground almonds and they were much better not on SB diet but the recipe works for my daughters gluten free diet.

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Sassy_cat September 30, 2012

They did satisfy my craving for bread but I thought the taste left a lot to be desired. So I recreated my own kind based off of the original recipe but instead I added 1/4C of shredded italian squash, added two packets of sweet n low for added sweetness, used pecans instead of almonds, added a couple dashes of cinnamon, and 1 and 1/2 tsp of vanilla. They came out tasty and moist and just sweet enough for me!!! Thanks for this recipe! Anyone can change it to suit their taste. Oh important to note that even with the original recipe, the peanut butter was hard to taste and once I recreated my own it was like I didn't even include it in my recipe even though I did lol.

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pgp September 17, 2012

oh my gosh!!! that's all my husband and i have to say on this one

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rmfischer11 August 10, 2012

Great muffins for the South Beach diet. I did a six muffin silicone pan sprayed with vegetable oil. My mom just asked me to make her a batch.

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graffitidiva April 06, 2012

I tried this yesterday but without the flaxseed and almonds and they came out awesome. I thought they would implode once they cooled, but they maintained their shape. Let me make a suggestion, as I experimented today with a second batch.
1. Spray the muffin cups with PAM first.
2. I added a tbsp of Dark Cocoa powder - just 20 calories.

These muffins have a choc/peanut butter taste, a tad more thicker than the plain peanut butter.

Now if I can just eat these slowly. I shared my original batch with co-workers and everyone liked them. They couldn't believe that there was no flour. Thanks Giordana!

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crickb88 July 25, 2011
South Beach Diet P1 Peanut Butter Muffins