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I was actually going to make this two nights ago, so I had done all the prepwork. Then something came up, and I had to store everything in the fridge until the next night. With all the cutting and whatnot done, this was a breeze to put together! This has great flavor and color. I used cooked turkey sausage, which I sliced on a bias. I only used half the amount of oil, and my onion was a HUGE honker, so I only used one onion (probably about 3 cups or so of sliced onion). It didn't say when to add the onion, so I just put it in when I put in the sausage. I used dried oregano, and omitted the cilantro, because I rarely have it in the house. We didn't think it needed salt or pepper at the end - it was pretty spicy from the jalapeno. My husband was looking for some kind of sauce to put on it (he usually puts sauces on stuff), but he didn't feel that it needed anything! This is a keeper for us, and I'm sending this to my mom, with hopes that my veggie-averse stepdad and stepbrother will like it as well. Thanks for posting this!

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Greeny4444 April 18, 2011

have made this stew on a few occasions to rave reviews.Around my home this recipe has received the designation of "KEEPER",the highest honor. The ingredients at first were suspect
but come together for a very tasty and hearty meal. The only.reason that i didn't give it 5 stars is
because of the prep time.

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jefechip February 06, 2011
South American Butternut Squash Stew