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This bread gets like 10 stars for flavor but not so much for appearance so it still works out for me as a 5 star...I tagged this playing "I Recommend" and was told by Karen Elizabeth not to expect much of a rise...between that warning and my own knowledge of my abilities {{or rather lack there of ;) }} , I decided to embrace the notion of a flat bread and placed my dough mixture right on a coconut buttered cookie sheet where it didn't rise as much as spread...I got a HUGE lovely loaf with a delicious buttery crunch to it...I sliced it into a gazillion slices and then the appearance didn't matter much (besides at the rate it was being gobbled no-one but me seem to notice that it was so flattish)- we have enjoyed it at every type of meal/snack & at every time of day (breakie, lunch, dinner and after midnite)...super good oven toasted too & if you want a real "slice-o-heaven" smear a little almond butter on it :) :) :)...about the only thing I did different than the stated instructions (besides the cookie sheet) was that I ground some of the oats and sunflower seeds- {{i just like extra textures}}...really a must try for a seed/nut lover- THANKS so much for the recipe share:) YUMMY!!

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free-free April 25, 2009

I liked this and it came together very well, the yeast behaved itself and I was very confident as I set the pans in a warm place to rise. They didn't rise wonderfully well, though, so even after baking, I ended up with two flattish loaves. They taste wonderful and have a great texture, almost cakey but still a bread, its a very good seed bread. My only reservation is that I find the bread a little salty, I would cut the salt by at least half next time. But I eat very little salt, so am probably more sensitive to it than many. Thank you for a good recipe that was enjoyed!

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Karen Elizabeth February 16, 2009
South African Seed Bread