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I cannot seem to post a NO STAR review anymore - so, I have opted for 5 stars for now! I am basing this initial review on the recipe and how it was written...............the ease of making it and the instructions etc! I have not been able to taste this yet, as it needs to "sit" for 2 weeks - but I already suspect that it will be 10 star!! The recipe is well written and VERY easy to follow - good instructions and tips. The quantities appear to be spot on - I halved the recipe as I have LOADS of pickles and chutneys etc to make my way through - so, I opted for 5 lemons and the rest of the ingredients were pro-rata. I made two half pound jars out of my 5 lemons - and the smell of all of those lemons and combined spices was intoxicating! I was LUCKY enough to be able to use REAL Cape Malay Curry powder - a gift from a Herbs and Spices swap I had with Zurie last year!! I used unrefined light brown sugar and also added the optional mustard seeds. I will return with MORE photos and my final review in a couple of weeks - but it is looking good! Thanks Zuri for posting this much missed and classic South African pickle recipe - we plan to eat this alongside freshly grilled fish, as we used to when we lived in the Cape! FT:-)

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French Tart February 27, 2008

If Margaret Roberts had anything to do with this it wil be excellent, my fellow south african, thanks for this recipe, will be making it very soon, 5 stars in anticipation!

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Janine Ross January 29, 2008
South African Lemon Pickle