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I'm so proud of myself! I was a bit sceptical about this recipe, it's got vinegar in it, and no molasses, who ever heard of a ginger cookie without molasses? Not me? But I'm proud of the fact that I can eyeball a recipe I've never made before and just know if it's going to be a good one or not. And this one is not good, it's GREAT! I adore ginger cookies, and these are lovely. Not too hard, but just enough to be quintessential ginger cookies. I didn't have any ground cloves (I never do) so I just subbed some nutmeg and allspice (didn't measure). This recipe makes quite a lot of cookies, which have found a home in my freezer. I take one out to have with my cup of tea when I come home from a day at the office. And they're good frozen, too, if you like to gnaw. This recipe was perfect for me as well, as I usually work in metric, but hate to weigh flour. Thanks Zee, this feeds my ginger addiction!

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Mirj November 20, 2006

If you are South African you will know lovely, gorgeous Golden Syrup. You will also know that the vinegar is essential just like our Moms use to make them. I had to laugh at the amount, that is so typical. Thank you for this awesome recipe. I hate molasses in my ginger cookies, too over powering.

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Doon Potgieter Law October 16, 2014

As the Lucky Charms fellow says, they're magically delicious and unlike Lucky Charms, these cookies really are! :D I didn't have, nor had I ever heard of, golden syrup. I halved the recipe and used 5 oz golden corn syrup and 3 oz blackstrap molasses. With the half recipe I ended up with about 72 cookies but they were pretty big. The only change I may make next time is add more ginger as I like my ginger cookies very gingery :) but we enjoyed them a lot and so did everyone that had them at the boys school potluck picnic today :D. Thanks for posting Zurie! Made for team Mischief Makers - ZWT#7, Dinner & a Movie

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Just_Ducky!! June 29, 2011

Delicious and easy to do - too easy to eat too - we just loved these ! I scaled recipe back and made 24 cookies. Made for ZWT 7.

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katew June 01, 2011

I had a bit of trouble with the ingredient conversion from metric on this recipe, but I managed to muddle through. We loved the flavor of these cookies and they are very good with a cup of tea. Made for ZWT 7, Count Dracula and his Hot Bites.

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Dreamgoddess May 27, 2011
South African Ginger Cookies