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This is a wonderful recipe for Jerky and tastes like great Jerky BUT this is not South African Biltong, I?m South African and grew up eating it all the time and still do. The Worcestershire sauce changes the taste and texture of it. Biltong only uses vinegar, brown sugar, coriander seeds, pepper and salt, if you want chilli biltong add chilli flakes not powder.

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Tilly14 April 18, 2013

Ok so this was the first time that I have tried to make biltong and since I don't have a drying cabinet I used a dehydrator instead. I found that the spice proportions were way off and I needed to use way more coriander and chilli flakes than were suggested in order to cover the meet (this may be because I cut my beef thinner to fit into the dehydrator). I was a bit sus about how much salt was suggested but followed the instructions. The flavor of the spices was good but the biltong was saltier than fish piss! I would recommend either using less salt or leaving it in salt for a shorter period. Biltong is edible if you have plenty of beer to wash it down with but you will have to get wasted in order to get through just a few strips...

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cfosterthorpe September 24, 2013

I make biltong all the time and tily14 is right. vinegar (Brown grape is best)75 ml per kilo, Coriander seeds roughly crushed 1 table spoon fresh ground black pepper 1/2 tablespoon salt 25 gm Worcestershire if you use it only 5 ml all of the above is per Kilogram of meat I don't use Sugar it brings the flies.if you want only a teaspoon per kilo.

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Noel C. February 14, 2014

Just a heads up: I followed this recipe to a T and it came out much too salty to eat. I'm talking WAY salty... (and yes, I washed it off with the vinegar before drying). <br/>Upon checking out other recipes, it all says 20g to 40g of salt per kg of beef/meat. I'm assuming the 500g of salt for 2kgs of meat in this recipe was a typo.

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777MC June 12, 2013

Callu is correct. This is the best recipe I have found on the internet for Biltong. I made a biltong box out of a small fridge and a light inside of it with hooks on the top, then hang the meat with fishing line. All my american friends beg me to make it after they taste it! I used top sirloin not skirt steak though because it is too fatty. All we need is Castle now!

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canes12284 April 04, 2013

This is the best version of Biltong on recipezaar! Customs took my Biltong away and I nearly cried. This tasted just like what I had in South Africa. I used skirt steak which was a little too fatty but the flavor and texture was spot on--this is the right method. Next I am going to try it with caribou or moose meat. And in case you have never had the pleasure--Biltong blows any American beef jerky you have ever had out of the water!

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Callu June 18, 2009
South African Biltong