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Great cake! The name comes from the milk originally used to make the custard filling, the first milk or colostrum from a cow - therefore seasonal. OED: beestings or biestings or or (US) beastings (?bi?st??z ) ?Definitions noun (functioning as singular) the first milk secreted by the mammary glands of a cow or similar animal immediately after giving birth; colostrum ?Word Origin Old English b?sting, from b?ost beestings; related to Middle Dutch biest

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ajvdspuy September 06, 2015

Delicious and interesting cake! I only made two layers out of it, not trusting my ability to keep 3 layers from breaking - which was wise, as the cake is somewhat crumbly and I almost lost the second layer anyway. It's a fairly dense cake, too, which makes me think that it would also be yummy if it were moistened with a flavored sugar syrup. The only real downside to this recipe, I think, is that the custard by itself tasted exactly like storebought vanilla pudding, but in the cake I found it more palatable. I *loved* the almond-toffee topping, which got pleasantly toasted in the oven. I also put fresh halved blackberries in the center of the cake, since I was making it for a friend who was having a fruit craving, and I thought they were a pleasant addition (and it would work well with other berries too).

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CarsonM April 11, 2010

I am posting these stars not for the cake as i have not tried it, but for the custard which is just GORGEOUS! I was looking for a custard recipe to use as a filling for my donuts that I was making this afternoon and I stumbled across this by accident. The recipe for the custard (and caked) sounded really nice and so i tried it and it was just lovely! Maybe I will be trying it with the cake soon! :)

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Nisa February 14, 2010

This is a very lovely cake. I did however encounter a couple of problems. I took your advise and made the custard the day before. When I took it out of the fridge....I found it a wee bit runny...see pic. The other problem....as the cake rose...the almond topping had slid down the sides of the cake...so I was only able to make 2 layers as I did not want to ruin the look by making the 3rd layer because it would have been very difficult to cut through the almonds and still have a nice looking cake. All in all it is a wonderful cake. I gave it 5 stars as the problems were probably chef related...lol I will be making this again!!

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luvcook'n January 18, 2010

I have been after this recipe for AGES!!! And, my Mum sends a HUGE thank you, as this was her FAVOURITE cake when we lived in South Africa!! I have copied this recipe and sent it to her; I hope to make this soon, do you have any additional tips Zuri?? I also used to buy this cake when I lived in W Germany - it was a weekly treat! I will pop back with stars when I have made it! FT:-) THANKS for posting!

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French Tart March 12, 2008
South African Beesting Cake With Custard Filling