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ok well the only difference was i did not have cake flour.. so i sifted regular flour 3 times until very fine,. but i am afraid I had the same issue as a lot of people.. when i put the batter in first it just fell apart in the water,, then i decided to add a bit more flour until it was a bit more like cake batter,, that worked for texture but when it boiled up in the water it was a little balloon like as the batter swelled,., I needed to put on paper towels,,to dry out a bit..after the first try i tasted it alone it was bland,, added about a tsp of sugar to it ..it was still water logged and not really any flavor

But I have to mention that the Vanilla Custard sauce was delish!!! mad as is though I was taken aback by the 1/2 pint and was a bit confused on how much it was in cups LOL.. so i googled it and it turns out 1/2 a pint is 1 Cup LOL.. will make the custard sauce again it was soooooo yummy dumplings were a flop but the cream sauce made up for the time lost

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ssej1078_1251510 May 31, 2011

The batter for the dumplings was too thin (similar to pancake batter) and dissolved into the water when I tried to drop them in. After 10 minutes, I had tiny soggy bits of solids instead of dumplings. The custard, however, was excellent. I served it over some blueberries. Nice and richly flavored.

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PanNan July 01, 2006

Miss Evelyn, I don't know what I did wrong, but I made a mess of this. Followed the recipe and got a mess instead of dumplings. When I put them in the boiling water, they did not stay together. So bummed. Any thoughts? But the Custard Sauce was awesome!!!

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Mrs Goodall June 29, 2006
Souskluitjies (South African Dumplings in Custard Sauce)