Sourdough Starter w/o Yeast

READY IN: 72hrs
Recipe by Aroostook

Capturing yeast spores is an ancient process. See if you can "trap" your own using potato water. Uses: Take one cup of starter and add to your favorite pancake recipe. Sour Dough Buckwheat waffles...Use a cup of starter in place of 2 pgks of yeast in your bread recipe.

Top Review by Deb G

This was my first attempt at sourdough starter, and it worked really well. Made my first loaf of sourdough bread in my ABM yesterday, using the recipe in the book that came with the machine. DH and I each had two big toasted slices with supper. Delicious. Thanks for the good instructions and recipe.

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  1. Cook potato peelings until tender Set potato water aside to cool and settle for ½ hr. Ladle off 2 c. water, leaving settlings
  2. In a sterilized 2-quart glass/ceramic bowl, using a wooden spoon, mix honey, flour and warm water.
  3. Mix until thick batter forms.
  4. Leave uncovered in your kitchen for ½ hr. to “trap” the yeast spores in the air.
  5. Cover loosely with lightweight kitchen towel.
  6. Let stand in warm place for 24 hours.
  7. Stir then cover loosely.
  8. Place starter in a warm place for 2 to 3 days or until it bubbles and smells sour... stirring once a day.
  9. Place in a one quart jar and store in refrigerator.
  10. *Forevery cup of starter removed, replace with it w/ one c. of spring water and one c. of flour
  11. *If the starter is not used within one week, you must feed it by removing a cup and replacing it w/ a c. of four and a cup of water*
  12. If a clear liquid rises to the top of starter during storage, simply stir it back in.
  13. *If the liquid turns a light pink, it means the starter is beginning to spoil so discard*
  14. Store in the freezer if you like.
  15. Just store in a roomy plastic container allowing for freezing expansion.

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