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Thanks for sharing this recipe, Pammyowl. This bread is scrumptious and very simple. <br/><br/>I do not use a bread machine.<br/><br/>My starter is quite thick, so I used only 2 cups of white flour. <br/>I added 2 tablespoons of gluten, omitted the extra yeast, and used only 1 teaspoon of salt.<br/>Didn't really measure caraway seed, but I'm pretty sure I tossed in closer to 2 1/2 tablespoons.<br/><br/>I kneaded until dough was satiny & no longer sticky, put in an oiled bowl, covered & refrigerated over night to give the sour flavor plenty of time to develop. <br/><br/>Next morning, I let dough come to room temp, then kneaded a bit & formed for a loaf pan. Covered & let proof in oven with light on until risen to 1" above rim of pan. <br/><br/>Baked at 350 for 40 mins. It was gorgeous. Brushed crust with butter, then let cool for an hour or two. <br/><br/>My sweetie and I made grilled turkey Reuben sandwiches. KILLER! The next time I make it, I'll post a photo.

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letarr March 10, 2014

A fine tasting loaf, think Pammy is right that the loaf is more attractive when formed and baked in an oven rather than a bread machine. I used the bread machine anyway on the Basic setting with Medium brownness. I didn't realize that I was supposed to check the consistency of the dough after 10 minutes. I knew that weather changes play a big part in bread baking, and we had our first snowfall of the season, so I wasn't surprised that I needed to add water. I just didn't know at the time that I was supposed to add 1 tablespoon at a time until the dough achieved a "tacky touch". I used Bob's Dark Rye Flour. Next time I will consider even more caraway seeds. Made for Pammyowl Cookathon. Update: I have now made this bread 3 times, and it is our family favorite. I now have a rye sourdough starter (spun off 1 cup of regular starter and started feeding it rye flour), which contributes a great zest to the recipe, and I use the custom programming of my Zo (see Sourdough Bread in Custom-Programmable Zo ABM) to produce a perfect looking ABM loaf. I used 1 tsp. yeast, although supposedly the longer rising times should eliminate the need for yeast.

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KateL January 04, 2014
Sourdough Rye Bread