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I started this starter and one with commercial yeast around the same time. While the commercial yeast one worked, It wasn't really sour, it seemed that I was just cultivating more commercial yeast. This one is deliciously sour. I was unsure if it had the power of the commercial yeast until I fed them both and did a comparason, at this point I have been tending it for 2 weeks. I just baked my first loaves with only the grape starter and they are great! I just threw out the other starter! I am new to this whole sourdough thing, it makes me feel like a mad scientist to be able to make bread raise and taste great with grapes! Thanks, you helped take the mystery out of it for me!

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Doughy January 10, 2010

Using another sourdough starter, I have made these biscuits twice. They are a huge hit with my family. Thanks for a nice recipe. I have a grape vine, and may try this grape starter next summer.

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Elbow Macaroni January 30, 2010

i have made the starter.. i will make the buscuits soon. the starter bubbled up about the second day and seemed like pancake batter then.. i kept feeding and stirring every day for a few more days and i smelt the sour smell.. but it never thickened up again.. after the first bubbling it went into just a thin batter and would seperate every day and i would feed it and stir it up.. i didnt know if this is how it was suppose to react or if it is spoiled.. is it suppose to remain bubbly? i did make some bread out of it and it had a hard time raising very much.. i didnt know if this was the fault of the starter or the fact that i used almost all whole wheat flour in my bread?? i'll update when i make the buscuits- made em. one said they were too sour but others liked them.. they didnt rise very much either.. i dont know if that is my starter or what. they had good flavor but so small and dense. oh well this was my first sourdough exp. thanks.

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sprue October 06, 2007
Sourdough Natural Grape Starter and Sourdough Biscuits