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This bread had a wonderful taste, but even after an eight hour rise, it hadn't doubled! I had to bake it then anyway, since my guests were about to arrive and we needed it for supper. I'll definitely make this again, hoping it will rise better next time.

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Anne La Quebecoise December 11, 2005

It'll be interesting how different beers change the taste - I used Don Miguel, a dark lager from the Phillipines, with a sweetish taste. Bread was quite dark, no real sweetness to it, excellent with cheese and prosciutto. I baked this into rolls. Dough was quite sticky - I added flour, but ended up with a stickier than usual dough, afraid to add much more!

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duonyte December 04, 2005

This ranks up there as my new favorite whole-grain bread. The sourdough tang with the hearty rye is always a great combination – but here it is rounded out very nicely with the addition of beer. I used Killian’s Red (of course!) which was a great flavor. The rye flour in it makes for a longer rise time, but well worth it. While I liked the bread for it’s depth, DH adored it because it was a hearty, but snackable bread to go with an array of dips, cheeses and soups. The crust on this bread really ‘crunches’ for a great dipping, appetizer snack. I served this with an olive curry dip for Thanksgiving. I have since used it with spinach-artichoke dip and a turkey soup. It does take a good while to rise – 3 hours for me. For the rustic look, I sprinkled a bit of whole wheat flour on top, did not slash it and let it bake it according to Donna’s instructions. I used the ABM to mix the dough.

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AKillian24 December 01, 2005
Sourdough Malt Beer Bread