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As usual Duonyte with any of your recipes this one was no exception and was 5 stars all the the way. When I saw the combo of feta and dill with the sourdough just knew I had to try it and was not disappointed. I used my San Fran starter and followed the directions to the lettere and it turned out great. Had that nice crusty outside with a soft, slightly holey (is that a word) interior that I love in a rustic bread. The dill and feta made a wonderful taste combo that had us eating this instead of dinner and there was nothing left for the next day. Thanks for a great recipe with an exciting taste sensation that will be perfect for friends when I really want to show off.

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Bonnie G #2 May 12, 2012

I just loved this recipe - The texture was so light and fluffy we used it for sandwiches as well as for dipping with friends. Not sure if it was the sponge technique, the added moisture from the cheese or the potato flakes. Wow, what a delight. A little time consuming but I just planned ahead to make it. hb

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hmburnet March 25, 2007

This bread has wonderful taste and texture. If this would be your first time making a sourdough bread with sponge I would recommend that you bake it after the rise. I used dried wild Greek oregano (1 Tbs) in place of the dill. The aroma of this in baking is out of this world.

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Annacia February 25, 2007
Sourdough Feta Dill Bread (Bread Machine)