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As a novice from South Louisiana, I'm green and wet around the gills when it comes to making anything sourdough. So you gonna teach me, right? Yippeeeee...a baking we will go...a baking we...

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gailanng March 01, 2013

06/03/10: Used a cup and a half of starter, a pinch of sugar and a cup and a half of flour to make an incredible pizza crust. We just love everything that we use this for! 06/01/10: Used starter for Basic Sourdough Bread #34753 and the bread turned out just fantastic. This starter is a keeper! 05/28/10: Proofed the recipe per SourDough Batter #12900 and am waiting until later to bake with the starter. Will update again after that. 05/27/10: Just assembled the ingredients; will review once I have made the recipe. Thank you for posting!

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dogsandwoods June 03, 2010
Sourdough (Feed and Starter)