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The finished product is a dense bread and tends to crumble at the edges when cut - just as one would expect cornbread to do. The dough was very thick and caused my bread machine to labor. I added the extra milk bringing the total up to a full 1/2 cup. The bread did not raise very much. I decided to use the bread machine just to make the dough and then baked the dough after a 2nd rise in a 350 degree oven. The finished loaf was the size of the loaf pan - it didn't rise above the rim even with 2 1/2 tsps. of yeast and the sourdough starter for leavening. It's an interesting experiment and something to use the sourdough starter instead of dumping it down the drain. If we don't get the whole loaf consumed before it starts to dry out, I think it will make a great batch of bread crumbs for cooking.

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CAMom49 August 03, 2014
Sourdough Cornmeal Bread