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GW as usual this is one great recipe. I made a BIG mistake with this one and it still came out just as I'd hoped. I was wanting a sourdough bread to make panninis for DH and myself and this was perfect. Used my SF starter and followed the directions exactly up to the first rise - then got an unexpected invitation to a neighbors for a visit and forgot all about the bread. Needless to say by the time I got home it had not only doubled in size but over-run the bowl and over the side. I figured it was ruined, punched it down and retarded overnight in the fridge. The next morning let it come to room temp, it still rose nicely (during this time I visited the sourdough thread just to report on what had happened with a questionable response to possible viability) I then shaped into round flat bread and allowed to raise again. As another error - forgot to slash, don't know what's been going on with my mind - maybe it's because DH is heading overseas again!! Placed all four rounds into the oven and sprayed as directed. When it came out they were lovely, puffed just right for what I was wanting and a great sourdough flavor. So even with my errors, this still worked awesome. I took pics of the sandwiches to place here but afraid they came out to blurry but the bread is OK. Thanks GW, I love this bread.

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Bonnie G #2 July 16, 2009

Wonderful bread! Right when I thought life was getting just too easy, I find me another sourdough bread recipe. I'm lucky like that.

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gailanng April 25, 2013

absolutely awesome

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Bobby K. December 11, 2015

Great bread. I used my new Sourdough starter and thought with the 2 t. yeast it would be great. I only needed 5 1/2 c. flour and kneaded by hand. I will try the Kitchenaid next time, my hands are painful now. I made two loaves in 9 inch cake pans and baked as stated. Will let the dough rise longer as well, I did two hours and the 30 min. must be our high altitude.

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adopt a greyhound December 01, 2012

The taste of this sourdough, was fabulous. I had my sourdough starter from Oct, 2012. I decided to use it for this recipe, one problem, I used our kitchen aid, and overstirred/kneaded it (hard ball). Next time, I will knead by hand. I love the smell and the taste of it.

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rflaugh November 29, 2012
Sourdough Ciabatta