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This recipe produced a really nice dough. It rose well and browned beautifully in the oven. After all the effort I have to admit I was hoping for a more sour taste, it smelled more like sourdough than tasted like it. Still a delicious bread. My toddler and I ate three pieces between us as soon as it was cool enough to chew! Side note: I had to google what you might mean by steaming, a foreign concept to me (worked well.) Maybe you could elaborate in the instructions :)

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Hadice October 21, 2009

A very nice Bread! Like all bread recipes, I feel you need to play with it a few times to see what works best for you. In my case, I added about 1/2 teaspoon yeast, because my starter wasn.t doing the job well enough. That did the trick though. I also had to play with flour quantities a bit to see what would get me the best consistency. This dough is silky smooth to the touch, and the bread comes out great, with a nice crackly crust, and makes great sandwiches and toast! Give it a try , maybe 2 tries. Definitely worth the effort!

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The Jelly Room January 13, 2011

Excellent!! It is so much quicker than traditional sourdough. I was crispy on the outside and very tender inside. I used 1 cup of buttermilk and 1/2 cup water. It was not as sour as traditional sourdough but still somewhat sour. I have trouble getting my bread to rise and make a nice round loaf. One loaf I did in the loaf pan and the other on a clay sheet. The loaf was absolutely perfect and the round was flat. When it rose it spread width wise instead of up. Not sure how to fix that but I know it was not the recipe because the other loaf was perfect.

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bitch'n kitchen September 12, 2009

I get good consistent results with this recipe each time I bake this bread. And now that I have a new lamme to replace my old one that broke I'm even happier to use this recipe. I have a very, very old SF starter that has a really sour tangy flavor to it that everyone loves. I'll admit I've been baking for over 46 years, thousands of loaves of bread but in order to get a good result you have to have a solid recipe to start with. I use this recipe and make changes in the flavor with additions of my own but it is a good basic SD recipe. Thanks for posting!

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plantfreek April 22, 2009

This is bar none the best bread recipe I have tried, and I've been baking bread since I was a teen. The bread had not only awesome flavor, but great texture also. I made loaves of bread, as well as hamburger and brat buns. The bread stays soft, so a loaf is still good for sandwiches 3 & 4 days later. It has enough texture to hold up to brat and italian sausage toppings.<br/>I have experimented with using 1/4 C vital wheat gluten, which I like. I have also used up to 3/4 C fresh ground wheat flour, which also works fine in this recipe. I plan to up the wheat flour to see where I get that balance of soft, yet still has nutrition value.

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MrsMustHunt January 16, 2014

I don't know what happened. Followed the recipe to the letter and it was an epic fail! I knew going into it that it would not have a strong sour taste because my wild yeast starter is only 6 days old. But the bread was to hard and it did not rise very much on it's second rise. Also tasted like it needed more salt. I am not rating this recipe or commenting on it as a negative or bad recipe, maybe someone could message me and give me some pointers....this is my first attempt at a sourdough.

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AunteeD October 03, 2013

I made the dough in my bread machine. It was a bit more than it could handle once risen. But it turned out great my wife and I loved it. Nice crusty outside and soft inside. I used the exact recipe only in a machine and baked in the oven as directed. Turned out perfect.

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SlopSlinger February 02, 2012

This was the first time I have EVER made sourdough bread. I was timid about making it as the only bread I have sucessfully made has been banana and lemon poppy seed bread. This was a very easy recipe with great results. I do agree with The Jelly Room member about having to play with the dough to get the right consistency. As there are so many variables as to what influences the bread to turn out just right such as elevation, climate, etc. My bread only needed 5 and a half cups of flour to become the correct texture that was described. I agree with some of the other members that the bread wasn't "sour" tasting enough, however in my opinion that was probably due to the starter. Mine had only been "brewing" for 6 days. I still have plenty of starter left and will see about making another loaf in 4 days. My only gripe about the recipe is that there was no indication on how to "steam" the bread in the directions as one other previous reviewer had mentioned, but I googled it found some instruction on how to do that, no biggie,.... Overall, this was a wonderful bread, nice and crispy on the outside and soft/chewy on the inside. Will be trying again soon.

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ChrissyVas80 May 12, 2011

This bread had a great texture and my husband loved the crust. I wanted to make a true sourdough bread, so I increased the starter to 2.5 cups, omited the yeast and reduced the water to 1/2 c. I could only get 5 c. flour total into it, but it was perfect. I wish I had let my starter sour more, but it is good anyway!

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Ferrety September 07, 2008

This was made - believe it or not - with "Amish friendship bread" starter ( a starter made with milk, flour, sugar + the wild yeast in the air) that was fed one day before making this bread. I was tired of always having to make the sweet cake-like bread and wanted to try something else. The bread turned out wonderful - not sweet at all and very moist and soft. The softness I believe came from the steaming. The only thing I will change next time is I will add more salt - The bread had a great crust, super texture, and was just sour enough, but was just a bit bland in flavor - maybe due to my Amish starter.

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BichonLady July 29, 2008
Sourdough Bread