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I always disliked the texture of egg whites in my potato salad, so I was grateful this recipe omitted it, and liked the crunch of cucumbers. (Sorry evelyn.) I ate the egg whites before dinner with some salt & pepper:D My suggestion is to add more vinegar and mustard (like the tang and bite), and I also suggest adding bacon bits (vegetarian baco chips in my case) to this delicious, creamy, but not totally guiltless potato salad. Also, I substituted low-fat yogurt instead of low-fat sour cream because I think it tastes better. Oh, I also added more red onions instead of regular for more color. Thanks Toni!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend June 03, 2006

This was really good potato salad - the cucumber makes it and is a little different. It is sort of the celery or pickle substitute (but less crunchy). I doubled the cucumber, but could have put in even more. For our tastes, I left out the egg and added less salt. This is a super creamy potato salad, much like a traditional potato salad. Even though it does have sour cream in it, it is not a prominent flavor.

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Maito July 01, 2012

Yum! I used Yukon gold potatoes, low fat yogurt (Greek so as thick as sour cream) and low fat mayo, sherry vinegar and topped with both chives and scallions. Very light and refreshing salad. Thanks, Toni!

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Chef Kate June 28, 2007

Really good potato salad. I love the simplicity and the sour cream! My husband loved the cucumbers. For the record, however, my son wanted to add that he did not really like the amount of vinegar and he missed the eggs, so this may not be for those who really love their more traditional American style potato salads. Thanks for sharing.

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pattikay in L.A. June 20, 2007

Okay...this will be my NEW potato salad recipe. Beyond delicious! I used two chubby scallions (white & green parts), the whole egg, but skipped the celery seed (not a big fan of that!) and the cukes (didn't want to cause a riot at the table!). Everything else kept the same, except I halved it...bummer, after tasting it I wish I'd've DOUBLED it. :rofl: Yummy-ola! This recipe is very similar to another one that I have....which is actually a GERMAN recipe, but who cares? It's so good, I'm glad to find it in the *ZWT 3 Scandinavian Region* I'll eat potato salad just about anytime--forget dessert--eat THIS! KEEPER!!!!

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Debber June 18, 2007

Delicious potato salad. Frugality set in and I didn't discard the egg whites, but chopped them up find and added them, along with the yolks to the dressing. I don't think the dressing suffered any because of it. I did omit the cucumber as my family are traditionalists and I didn't think they'd like that in their potato salad. The dressing is very flavourful and well-balanced and this was much enjoyed.

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evelyn/athens April 27, 2006
Sour Cream Potato Salad - Kartoffelsalat Med Surfløde