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this pastry is exactly as mean chef described - tender, flaky and very tasty. i halved it (wishing i didn't) cause there's only two of us. i followed the recipe exactly except that i just used two forks to cut the butter into the flour as i don't have a pastry cutter/processor. After that, it's all so easy. i wasn't sure if the sour cream measurement is oz in weight/fl oz. i measured first in weight and found that it's lesser than in fl oz, so i went with that. and it worked! i used half of the dough (1/4 of recipe) in a savory pork 8" pie and i did have to roll the dough thin. It's great, very easy to work with. I think i might do another batch to freeze. thanks mean chef!

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WaterMelon January 22, 2004

Turns out perfect, also made with quark.

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rosslare July 12, 2011

This was my first time making a pastry dough, so maybe that is why mine did not turn out well. It was incredibly sticky, I could not do a thing with it until I had chilled it for the 4 hours. Even then it was still sticky, and difficult to roll out even though i floured my roller and the counter. I suppose I could have added more flour, but I have found that I tend to overdo it, and have ruined a couple meals that way, so i just left it as it was. I used it as a crust for a quiche, and once baked, the pastry was a little hard, not flaky like I was hoping for. The sour cream taste was ok. My husband didn't notice that anything was different about it though, so maybe I am just being a little overly-picky. I would try this again, maybe next time I will add a tad more flour.

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TexasKelly March 27, 2005

Very good. This pastry dough really handles beautifully - it rolls out smooth and looks perfect once baked. It is indeed quite crumbly & dry looking when you mix it up, but once chilled and rolled out is just fine. I have also made this same recipe poster's other recipe for Classic Pie Crust #26205, the taste & texture of which I enjoyed even more, hence the 4 stars on this one.

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HeatherFeather November 26, 2004

This turned out to be a foolproof, tender, tasty recipe, just as described! I'm not exactly the greatest pastry chef, but this was easy to handle, with great results! I used the pastry dough to make a pie shell for crispychick's Buttermilk Pecan Pie. (Buttermilk Pecan Pie.) I added a tablespoon of sugar to the dough to sweeten it. I wish I could give this one more than five stars; this pastry is great to work with, and the taste and texture are superb! Thanks, Mean Chef!

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truebrit November 24, 2004

This was real easy!!! When I was done making it, I personally thought I was missing out on something, I loved it. I might add some (Cocoa Powder) next time. It'll look and taste better, I love Chocolate ;))

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Blue_feb July 29, 2004

This pastry dough is absolutely fabulous!!! Your instructions are very clear, and I am glad you noted the fact that it would look dry after stirring in my sour cream; otherwise I may have been a bit skeptical hehe. Its so easy to work with, and the flavor is just out of this world!!! I dont think Ive ever made a dough that was so simple and so flexible! Im very glad that I chose to use this dough for my individual spinach pies! I will be using this regularly!! The sour cream adds that special touch to the dough, for sure! Very flakey, very tender, and very delicious.

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love4culinary April 04, 2004
Sour Cream Pastry