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I made this the first day I tagged it for Photo Tag Spring (Part 2) and it didn't set properly. Today I made it for a mother's day event. On my first try it was very pale in color, but on my second batch I let it cook until 242 degrees. It was a much darker color and set-up perfectly. The taste is very unusual, almost fruity because of the sour cream's tang. Though liked by everyone, one uncle seemed induced by this fudge. That made me happy enough!

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gailanng May 09, 2009

I needed to use up some sour cream before it spoiled and, since I am a fudge junkie, made this. Delicious! The tang of the sour cream almost gives this a lemony flavor, which was interesting. I doubled the amount of butter to make it even richer. The photo shows a caramel colored fudge but mine remained white.

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StickyToffee November 05, 2009

My family like this! My cousin and I had a little trouble in making it ... It seems more like a candy than a fudge to me and has a sort of caramel flavor. anywayz. (= also, thought i'd add that it might be a good idea to not let it cool before adding the walnuts and putting it in the buttered dish.

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Tinkerbell_16 October 25, 2007

This was much better than I thought it might be. I mean, fudge is supposed to have chocolate in it, right? Well, this has a great taste even without the chocolate. It makes up in no time. While it will never replace chocolate fudge, this is a keeper and will be a nice change at the holidays. I had no problem with graininess. Would definitely recommend you try it.

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Mary K. W. March 12, 2007
Sour Cream Fudge