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I `m eating celery and carrots dipped into this recipe as I post this review. This has a nice refreshing tang to it! It light and airy! Please take note this is a dip so the Calculated Nutrition Facts is for 1 cup. I would think it `s more like 1/8 cup per serving if that. So it `s really not so bad. I used fresh garden tarragon. I cooked this for 6 minutes before I refrigerated it. It does thicken up some as it cools. This recipe has many ways to go. You can use basil, dill, cilantro or whatever you favor in place of the tarragon. As for the mustard it can be honey to horseradish. And I even wonder about using yogurt in place of the sour cream to give it a more healthy result. Oh! You will see recipes popping up based on this. I can `t wait to try a couple of versions I have in mind! Thanks eebrag!

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Rita~ October 25, 2004
Sour Cream Dip / Dressing for Vegetables